The latest in a saga that spans back to 2012, the future of the iconic, 1952-built, Eamon's Gas Station may have finally been met with some good news. Sold to the River City Classics Car Club in 2015 after its 2012 relocation from the Trans Canada Highway to the High River Rodeo Grounds, the new owners are ready to transform the period-perfect Streamline Moderne structure into a museum. 

Eamon's Bungalow Camp and Service Station in 2006, image by flickr user James Tworow via Creative Commons

Viewed above as it appeared pre-move in 2006, the Eamon's Bungalow Camp and Service Station has since been split up and relocated. The Eamon' Bungalow Camp sign was bought and restored by the City, today standing outside of the Tuscany LRT station, as seen in the image below. 

Restored Eamon's Bungalow Camp sign, Tuscany LRT station, image by flickr user Ricky Leong via Creative Commons

The service station, meanwhile, was moved several kilometres away and stored, until its aforementioned purchase in 2015 by the River City Classics Car Club, who intend to restore the artfully-designed historic structure to its former glory. Having previously received $250,000 in restorative work from the City, the club is hopeful that bringing the station up to code and ready for its transformation into a automobile-centric history museum, will only be a matter of determination and some elbow grease. 

Eamon's Gas Station, High River Rodeo Grounds, image via Google Street View

Viewed above, the distinctive Art Deco massing of the gas station can be made out along the back acreage of the High River Rodeo Grounds. Upon restoration, the front end of the structure will become a museum, while the rest of the former station will be converted into an event space geared towards car enthusiasts. 

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