We all know that buildings don't always turn out like the renderings. Last-minute changes and real-life materials can all cause discrepancies between the vision and reality of a project. In our Flash Forward Friday feature, we take a look at how different projects stack up.

At the southwestern edge of Riley Park, Birchwood Properties has erected an eight-storey pair of buildings that collectively house 100 residences. The NORR Architects-designed Ezra on Riley Park stands tall over its low-rise neighbours, overlooking the rectangular green space named after the patriarch of a well-known Calgary area ranching family. Construction wrapped up in the latter half of 2017, revealing a final exterior aesthetic that closely matched the renderings.

Ezra on Riley Park rendering, image via Birchwood Properties

By 2015, the site's preexisting row of eight single-family dwellings had been demolished, leaving the lot pancaked. In its place would rise a modern and balcony-filled mid-rise depicted in a series of visual aids. The rendering above shows how the development's first two levels, where the townhomes and 'cityhomes' are located, negotiate the street. A light brick treatment on these levels architecturally separates the floor plans from the condominiums above, which feature sprawling balconies and rooftop terraces. 

Ezra on Riley Park rendering, image via Birchwood Properties

When brought into reality, the building's contrasting elements are much more vivid. From the window wall glass to the base brickwork, the cladding is generally darker than portrayed in the renderings. Strong wood accents proliferate throughout, while large white projections break up and frame certain elements of the building.

Ezra on Riley Park nearly completed, image by Forum contributor Surrealplaces

We will return in the future with another comparison!

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