The City of Calgary is taking steps to keep residents informed about proposed development in their neighbourhoods by launching a new format for its onsite notices. As of December 1, development applications received by planning will be coupled with an enhanced notice posted on the property that includes a map, a description of the proposal, and resources to learn more and provide feedback.

The new notices include a map and direction to learn more about the proposal, image via City of Calgary

The change, meant to provide greater clarity for communities, is being put into action following a survey earlier this year that solicited reactions to the upgraded notices. The feedback was resoundingly positive, with 72 percent seeing improvement in the new notices. City of Calgary Senior Planning Technician Sharon Jensen said residents found the new notices "simple, informative and transparent."

A two-by-three-foot sample notice, image via City of Calgary

The City has also registered a 40 percent jump in web traffic at, which includes information on all development permit applications in the city. Public comments have also sharply risen by 188 percent since 2016. 

A four-by-eight-foot sample notice, image via City of Calgary

As for what the notices will physically look like, most will measure two by three feet, though major development sites will be asked to post larger versions of four by eight feet. The City says notices were posted for 1,377 development permits and 436 land use redesignations in 2016 alone.