A massive mixed-use reimagining of the land abutting the Grey Eagle Resort and Casino in southwest Calgary now has a name: Taza. Meaning "amaze" in the Tsuut'ina language, the 1,200-acre Taza project would produce 17 million square feet of entertainment, hospitality and retail space, to be developed by the Tsuut'ina Nation and Montreal-based Canderel.

The Taza development, image via Canderel

The then-unnamed development made headlines last year when preliminary details about the $4.5 billion project were made public. New information revealed during the recent Calgary Real Estate Forum has now put the development under a brighter spotlight. To be officially launched in January, the project is shaping up to be one of the biggest First Nations developments in North America. 

The scale of the development necessitates a phased approach to construction, with three stages eventually building out a new neighbourhood possessing a myriad of entertainment, innovation, and office space. Taza Park is meant to complement the Grey Eagle Resort and Casino with a dedicated entertainment, hospitality and retail area. A future southwest ring road extension that will pass through the site will border Taza Crossing, which will contain an area devoted to health, wellness and innovation, including purpose-built rental units. Taza Exchange located south of Bullheard Road and north of Fish Creek Park would become a hub for retail.

The southwest ring road is expected to enter service in the fall of 2021. Meanwhile, Taza is anticipated to be built over a 20-year period.

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