We all know that buildings don't always turn out like the renderings. Last-minute changes and real-life materials can all cause discrepancies between the vision and reality of a project. In our Flash Forward Friday feature, we take a look at how different projects stack up.

For this week’s edition of Flash Forward Friday, we will take a look at renderings and photos capturing Calgary’s recently completed 1215 residential tower.

Artistic rendering of 1215, image via Maple Projects Inc.

Located at 1215 5th Street SW, the 14-storey tower, developed by Maple Projects Inc. and designed by NORR Architects, features an on-site fitness center, as well as a second floor terrace and balcony, and will contribute 137 rental units in the Beltline district.

Image of 1215 after completion, image by Forum contributor Surrealplaces

Looking at the building from the west, 1215 retains several of the same elements that were outlined in the original renderings in addition to a couple of significant changes. While the renderings demonstrate that the building would feature yellow and red accents on the building’s exterior window wall, the photo demonstrates that only vertical red lines have been included in the building's final design.

The other most distinctive change between the final product and the renderings is the inclusion of spandrel glass paneling. As you can see, the spandrel is used prominently on the building’s lower levels, as well as on its front and southwest side, providing the building with a slate-blue exterior that stands in contrast to the renderings that depict the building with a softer blue glazing.

We will return in the near future with another comparison!

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