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DimensionCanada Networks Inc is a full service drafting and engineering company specializing in shop drawing development for a majority of the building exterior components commonly used in the construction industry. Please send us your project files along with your detailed scope of work at We will review and send you our quotation along with the delivery schedule. Thanks
I got an idea for Calgary plant cold hardy palms the windmill palm x wagnerianus hybrid in Calgary it can take -27 c for a whole morning and -30 c for very short durations needs burlap
Hi there -- great to hear about your interest in Vision Zero for your project. I've been involved in some VZ-related tactical urbanism and would be more than happy to speak with you to share perspectives and perhaps suggest some others to whom you could speak. Feel free to pop me an email at


Thanks so much for getting in touch. I will send an email your way soon!
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Looking for any/all info on "Noise Exemption" implemented by the Province in Apr'20, allowing for construction of critical infrastructure in response to COVID. What is the criteria for including projects under the exemption, which appears to allow for 24x7 construction? Does anyone know of any groups pushing back on the exemption due to severe negative impacts to local residents? Any info is appreciated! :)
Hello Red Mars,

I work on behalf of the sales and marketing company (MarketVision) and Development Partner (Woodcliffe) and I was hoping I could use some of your photos for our social media account. Quite amazing shots !
Can anyone direct me a place where I can find a downloadable listing of all the streets within the City of London