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Hi Sikandar, I'm interested in one of your photos of 81 Bay (CIBC SQUARE) it was featured as the photo of the day. March 31 2020. Would I be able to use it ? and do you have a high res copy
please contact me at , sylvia
Barrie as a location. Can I get some feedback on Barrie for high rise development for the rental market? Some big projects on the books - no crane activity as of yet.
hi! i saw your post at fortune, i am potential purchaser and have you gotten any more updates other than september for occupancy? what about pdi?

also, have you bought from them before or know builder quality and service?

Looks like there is soon going to be some activity at 346 Davenport Rd. Crossing my fingers!
Hello Members,
I have tried to find ‘Maximum Residential Floor Plate’ On Urban Warehouse (UW) zone in Edmonton Alberta.
i went through Edmonton Zoning Bylaw 12800 but couldn’t find it except FAR.

Where should I get that info? PLEASE LET ME KNOW~
Thank you and Have A Nice Day~~
Toronto’ya gelmeden ya da geldikten sonraki süreçte size rehber olmasını amaçladığımız bir kaynak oluşturduk. Bu kaynak her geçen gün daha da büyümektedir.
HI, I work for UT and there's a client who's interested in using one of you pics from this story.. Do you have an email I can send them where they can make that request to you directly? thanks
Red Mars
Red Mars
Hi David

I don't know you or the client.

They (client) can use my construction photo from the Panda article but I would like to keep my email private.

My biggest worry is having interacted with security guards at work sites at different sites and times who have taken a photo of me that I do not want my ID disclosed.