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Weather and Gardening Discussion

The forecast average for the rest of the month is 21.4°. With a current average high this month so far of 21.3°, it looks like we are going to surpass the July average.
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Welcome to the new normal. And it's only going to get hotter over the next decade
Haven’t had to turn the a/c on in my house yet thankfully but I sure am happy I put it in last year. On that note, if anyone is planning on getting a/c this year is the year to do it. New regulations next year and 13 SEER no longer available so prices will be ⬆️⬆️⬆️. 16SEER already $8-1500 more expensive cost of unit and likely prices to go up from here.
If true, that is not a bad thing. Calgary with a 6C higher average annual temperate would be paradise.

Calgary is nowhere near warm enough to justify AC.
I’m kind of surprised there isn’t more attention placed on passive heating and cooling. One of the neat things in Europe that was common place was exterior shutters to block the sun and hear from entering in the first place. Those are unheard of in Calgary (and most of the North America).

Seems to be a perfect solution for the increasingly hot, but still highly seasonal weather here that’s incredibly direct sun dependent as humidity is so low. Close all south and west facing windows with external during a few hot summer days, and a properly insulated house will hardly pick up any heat here. Open those blinds during winter.

Surely (I say with confidence but I really don’t know anything) manual or electric exterior shutters is as cheap or cheaper than air conditioning? Cheaper on electricity and maintenance has got to be pretty simple?
Looks like we’re going to break the May record for days at/above 20°. We’re currently at 15 days, record is 20. If the forecast comes to pass, we’ll be at 21.

Edit: possibly even 22.
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Never seen the mountains bare this early. Yikes.
Wowzers… 12 days at or above 25° in May, ending the month with an average high of 22.2° and a mean of 15°. Absolutely wild. Beautiful, but concerning haha…
11 of the next 14 days (not including today) forecast at/above 25°!! What the hell is going on?! Haha