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Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

I believe he's referring to Adam Smith's invisible hand.
The Invisible Hand is just the idea that the market will self govern based on greed (basically the main driver behind capitalism), which is what is happening currently. Saying it should be "managed" implies someone making decisions on behalf of the "economy".

Again, people seem to be freaking out that we are between waves of highrise construction currently. I get that highrises are the interest and focus that brought us all here, but we need to understand that construction is a risky business and people are only willing to take that risk when circumstances make it profitable. If it's not profitable (say due to high interest rates, low risk lending from the banks, variable market conditions...) people just aren't going to do it. Businesses don't make decisions that will lose money, not if they want to survive.
We don't have a pure free market, especially for building construction. But we don't have a centrally planned economy, either.

Some of these future buildings are held up in zoning/land use changes, others are held up in development permits. Some are facing labour challenges/shortages because of the way our labour force is allocated. On the other hand, some are going ahead because of tax breaks like the GST break on rental construction.
Looks like the old Eau Claire YMCA will be turned into a private club:
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A better outcome than a parking lot for 20 years while a land speculator hopes to flip the lot for a high rise condo tower.

This is a big loss, not good at all.

That is a big loss, but on the bright side that drone video is a reminder of how lucky we are to live in such a spectacularly beautiful city (which is easy to forget on gloomy snowy days)

Maybe he'll be back someday to run for mayor! I think he'd make a great candidate.

CMLC breaks ground on innovative public washroom and community amenity in East Village​

The new space will feature four universally accessible bathroom stalls, a shared handwashing space, and a pickleball court.

Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, as steward of the East Village Master Plan, is thrilled to break ground and reveal the designs for East Village's latest public amenity—a brand-new permanent public washroom and pickleball court strategically located adjacent to the playground, community garden, and off-leash dog park at Crossroads, near the intersection of 7th Avenue and 6th Street SE.




Great to see. There's so much potential with the parkland surrounding Fort Calgary.
I don't like that my first thought was not able the design, which is quite good, but about security. Hopefully "eyes on the street" in this area (adjacent to the playground, community garden, and off-leash dog park) prevents any security issues.
Same. Not sure if the shared nature of the hand washing station is better or worse. Are the bathrooms off the cycle track by the flyover still open? The Drop In Centre is a massive issue for this area.
Are the bathrooms off the cycle track by the flyover still open?
Those bathrooms are closed, and these are acting as their replacement. I'm a bit skeptical that moving it a few hundred meters, and incorporating a few design tweaks, will make a huge difference, but I guess we'll see.

I do like the addition of the court. Too bad they only did one...seems like there's plenty of room for one more.
Hopefully it's used more than that skating/hockey rink the City put up a little while ago. I know it's pretty new but I have yet to see one person on it.

I'm liking the addition of these little recreational amenities though. It gives locals another reason to get out and about, and more people around helps with overall safety (or atleast the perception of it?).
Lol yaaahh.... Unfortunately the people pictured in those renders will not be the same type of people hanging around that washroom in real life. Expect to also see an ambulance parked beside in constantly.