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Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

I think there doesn't even need to be LRT parking at Brentwood. I can understand the reasoning behind having a large parking lot in 1990 when it was the end of the line, but now it's less than halfway out on the red line (realtors are calling Brentwood "inner city" nowadays), and none of the stations closer in have significant parking. Also it's hemmed in between the Bow river and Nose Hill, so cars coming from more than about 2 km away would be closer to other stations.

I think its proximity to the University office park, and the University itself, would make it a good location for dense residential even if the LRT wasn't there.
Exactly. It's the easiest place to fully take out parking without too much resistance. Previously I was thinking the city could sell 2/3's of the land and building a parkade on the remaining 1/3, but I don't think it's needed. Just go full tilt and sell all of the parking, some space for a few handicapped spots.
Priestly Demolition Inc.

While they're at it...

Pixel Park opened in the C & E district today, looks like a decent mash up of the most successful parts of the cities other newer downtown parks.

Pixel Park powers up in the C & E district.

Located next to Enoch Park at 12 Ave and Macleod Trail, Pixel Park will bring a suite of public amenities and experiences to the community, including an off-leash dog park, pickleball courts, a skate park, and spaces that facilitate programming and placemaking initiatives led by CMLC.

With Tesla Motors Canada, Pixel Park will also be the largest electrical vehicle charging site in downtown Calgary, with 24 stalls that include downtown’s first Level III (DC) Supercharging stations, which are compatible with both NACS and CCS electric vehicles."


New community hub in Sunalta to combat social isolation, food insecurity​

Plans include a commercial kitchen, coffee kiosk and a mini outdoor soccer pitch




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Looks great! Love that they incorporated the original red “barn”. Added bonus that the park (which is small by comparison of a lot of other CA parks) will get a refresh and packs a lot of activities into a small area.
Not to rain on the parade but I see it is happening in phases; I'm curious what the breakdown in phases is. The article mentions, "future phases will include a commercial kitchen and a coffee kiosk".

It may just be the Main Hall Expansion in this phase and the new detached building in future phases as I see the Demonstration Kitchen, Community Kitchen, and Coffee Kiosk in the new detached building. Doesn't make sense to me that this phase includes that building but not those elements. Article is a good news story about what it will be but with no real solid plan for when it will all be done.

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Wow that looks like a fabulous community amenity. One for the Beltline 5 times the size please!