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Sep 24, 2015
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I don't mind the tower portion



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Oct 19, 2020
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Had they built only 1 tower, it would've been a pass, but they built 2! Like Wtf. I love tall towers but they gotta be well designed and executed like our 4 tallest right now. I'd take mediocre looking towers that are under 30 storey any day as long as the podium is thoughtfully designed to be pedestrian-friendly. The body of these towers isn't bad but that crown and more importantly the podium just destroys the whole development.

I Hope Cidex is reading our forum messages, I'm sure I can speak for all of us that we got nothing personally against them, in fact, much love to them for employing hundreds of Albertans in these difficult times, but jeez, you don't need an expensive design to have an appealing tower and pedestrian-friendly podium. If you want a good design with cheap costs, maybe start contracting the designs to local Canadian Uni students that are in architecture rather than NORR.
Good on Cidex for keeping Albertans employed in such times but am certain that the companies that are doing the work are barely making any money. Cidex gets alot of work done by consultants and sub trades at very low margins in hopes of getting more work from them. Then they(Cidex) rents out their properties at super high rates. Other than the elite which did the structural scope I highly doubt if any of the other trades made money. 2 towers,, topped off and without windows(WTH)?? were the plumbers and electricians working in the parkade as they waited for glazing???? Who's paying for the crane once the glazing showed up??? What about the drywallers? they can certainly do some framing of the exterior and then sit around waiting for the glazing???
Am sure employees of the competent GCs drive past these 2 towers and laugh at Cidex. What a disaster!! If a GC was performing this poorly on a high rise am certain they would have lawsuits from the owners. What an absolute SH*T show!!! At the rate Cidex is going am sure they have conceded they were much better off letting a GC to do this work. They would have saved ALOT of MONEY and TIME. In my dictionary Cidex is a synonym for incompetent.