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Sep 24, 2015
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Development permit has been submitted for this proposal of two residential towers totaling 443 units.

Developer is Great Gulf (Toronto)
Architect is Architect alliance aA (Toronto) Local architect is S2

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Time to start a new thread. There is a tender out right now to build a sales office at 304-308 Macleod Tr SE for a multi-residential project by Great Gulf Homes. This large Toronto based developer acquired the property a few years back. They also own the site where the YWCA is currently but soon to close. The project is called HIGHCLIFFE Riverfront. While I found a DP application for the sales office, I don't see one for the project itself.
Here is the announcement from 2015. The development was planned for 2 towers and a total of 443 units.

Hope the end design is quite similar to that! looks great.

Article says they submitted a DP back in 2015, would it still be active?
DP is still active. It was just from 2014 (if I remember correctly) so now too old to appear on developmentmap.calgary.ca. There has not been another DP since, so I imagine what is shown in the Herald Article, reflecting the 2014 DP, is what will get built. I am excited for this project, great to see another developer jumping into Calgary, hopefully their sales go well and we see shovels in the ground soon!