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Sep 24, 2015
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5 building 3 phase project, with 508 units in total. Phase I and II complete, with Phase II and IV u/c



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I had no idea this project was so big. My cousins live in the area and I used to be in Tuscany, so I would drive by there frequently. It seems like it's been under construction for ages, but they've made massive strides more recently by the look of it. It's not the most captivating project on it's own, but it is interesting for the area. Density is goin up between Brentwood and Dalhousie. I hope this bodes well for the Northland Village redevelopment project.
I hope it can be a catalyst for more density development around that area, and yes maybe it'll help the Northland village project
My expectations were low going in, but this is one of those rare buildings that I think looks better in real life than in the renderings. I was expecting it to end up looking like London, or something from Pointe of View, but it's a step up from those. Still a little too busy, and it's never going to win architecture awards, but it's not too bad. And increasing density around train stations is always a positive.
Fairly decent design for where it's located, and also agree it's better than those London condos on Macleod trail (I presume you refer to those and not the city of London ;)
I can't believe how massive this particular project turned out to be. There's that new project adjacent to the C-Train Parking, the Dells. I'm looking forward to seeing an increasingly densifying Dalhousie. I hope there are some more projects waiting in the wings. I actually kinda like the mix of businesses at Dalhousie Station, but I wouldn't mind seeing it's street presence improved. They could do a lot better than that awkward parking lot. Perhaps with time it will be re-imagined as well.
It's too bad Dalhouise Station didn't have a gap in the middle of the mall on the east side, that could be used as a pedestrian gateway or even a small side street allowing connection to new developments like The Dells.
It would be really nice if they could redo part of the park-and-ride and the street lights immediately to the SE of Chapters to make it more pedestrian friendly. I walked to the mall from the LRT station recently and found it very disjointed. There was no sidewalk or pathway leading directly to the station form the mall. The lights, gas station, elevation changes and the big fat brick wall of Chapters didn't make it too welcoming either. There has to be a way to make that more inviting to pedestrians and cars alike.
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So true. With all of the development proposed or underway around Dalhousie Station, it's too bad a better plan for the shopping mall wasn't put forth in the beginning.