Glenbow Museum | 43m | 9s | DIALOG

Awesome!!! I know it's essentially just a reskin, but I wasn't expecting to see the new cladding so soon. Certainly looks promising!
It’s a lot more than re-skin, they’re doing serious structural reconfiguration inside. But yeah it’s going to be seriously beautiful. Funny to see this one lightyears ahead of Arts Commons, which has been in the works for over a decade…

More pics…

… new performing arts centre, new art gallery, etc. On top of the already complete NCL and NMC. It's a good time for Calgary's culture and entertainment scene.
Arts and Culture has always been where Calgary falls short in global livability rankings. The increases we’ve made (to becoming top in the western hemisphere) is because of the leaps in that metric over the past decade. This will only continue to intensify over the next decade.