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Painfully slow…thought there would be a lot more facade installed by now.

On a side note, any word when the renderings for the Arts Commons expansion and renovation come out? Supposed to be in the last quarter of 2023. The Glenbow renovation plus Arts Commons will really transform this part of downtown.
Painfully slow…thought there would be a lot more facade installed by now.
Maybe they saw Surreal’s post and they went back to the drawing board

Quotes from the article involving the timeline of the projects completion:​

“That timeline was always dependent on when certain tranches of money was unlocked,” Bell says. “We didn’t get the green light to begin the whole-building construction until the spring of 2022, so that pushed everything. We’ve divided the renovation into phases. We were able to complete the first phase (on the upper floors) by the end of 2021. But then the bulk of it, about three-quarters of it, we had to wait until we got a green light from the federal government and that didn’t come until the spring of 2022. So that’s when we began the rest of this in earnest. When we had stated 2024, we didn’t know exactly when that timeline would be. We were being optimistic, I think.”
The current timeline will see base construction completed by the end of 2024, which will also mark the return of some of the staff. A lengthy period of testing the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to ensure Glenbow meets global standards for museums will begin in early 2025, which is also when the fifth-floor terrace and the galleries will be completed. The goal is to open in early to mid-2026.
I’ll wait until it is fully done before making my final judgement. Will they seal all the seams? That might make it look smoother. If the seams are not sealed then this is looking very mediocre and not what the renderings show. Fingers crossed it turns out better than what it’s currently showing.
Cladding going up on the east side of the building now. I'll be curious to see how they cut away the concrete support column in the north-east corner to make room for the street level windows the rendering shows at that location.