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A previous proposal had condos. It actually went to pre-sales. The rendering doesn't show a parking entrance, but I have a hard time believing that a condo building at that location would not have parking.

The City did contribute to the parking garage at M2 as that building will share a parking entrance with the future development to its east. Maybe M2 has enough parking to serve this building as well.
Yeah that one never made it past presales because they saw how tough a time Concord had making sales, and Riverhouse was at an even higher price point (starting at $1 million I believe).
Nope, at least not construction related. No DP yet. I figured this one would be going ahead wayyy quicker than it is.
The land use application for this one just got approved by Council. Why it needed rezoning is, the building hangs out into the public ROW from the 3rd floor up, so council needed to approve the closure and redesignation of the airspace that was public ROW, but is now part of this development parcel. Sidewalk stays the same width at ground level, building just juts out over the (now old) property line from the 3rd floor up. Interesting approach, not sure if any compensation was provided to the CIty for this or not.
lmao. The old design was selling units starting at $1.1 million, so imma go with f*ck that shit and their silver-spoon c*nt residents. The current design is beyond fine.
I actually prefer the new design. Nice use of brick in a new and modern application, which compliments the brick on the Simmons building next door. I also enjoy the ground floor treatment and it adds a bit of variety and eccentricity to EV, which has plenty of glass and siding already. I will admit that it's not as airy and open as the original design, but I do like the originality of the new design.