BMO Centre Expansion | 25m | 5s | CMLC

Though things aren't perfect with the BMO expansion, once it's finished and the entrance to 17th is finished we will be miles ahead of where we were with the old exhibition centre and the look and feel of Stampede Park and its integration to the Beltline. The blocks along 17th leading into the grounds will improve quickly and my prediction is it will become an 'un-official' Stampede Trail'. The building is big, but IMO the various cures and roof sloping on the east side has kept it from being really imposing.
I've been to a few convention centres. Winnipeg convention centre, which is a smaller one, and three larger ones (NRG Houston, Las Vegas, and Orange County) The latter three are very large and have an imposing feeling. I like prefer the look of ours to any of the ones I've been to, and I think it'll fit in nicely.
It will replace Weadickville, next to the big four building.
No, that location has been identified as a possible third hotel, if necessary. The second hotel (the 600 room one mentioned above) is slated for Lot 11 (North of the BMO Centre and West of the Casino). I have not heard the 600 room property is back in play. It was "just about" announced when Covid hit and it died there. Hopefully with the Event Centre back in play it comes back to the table. It is much needed.