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Older renderings
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I've merged the two towers into a single thread. We generally keep developments like these together, especially when the towers share a podium.
After watching CMLC's 2016 EV Master Plan video, and seeing what a prominent place this project will have within the East Village. I'm surprised I've heard so little about it. It's clearly the tallest project declared for the neighbourhood and it looks like it will have an interesting built in mall component called the Shops at East Village.

I'm sure a lot of people remember this older map of the neighbourhood project. This is to be the site of Arris/Shops.


According to what I found in the Edmonton Journal of all places. The sales centre is apparently set to open sometime this spring. Amanat is building the towers, as all the renders show two and Gibbs Gage is to be responsible for the mall/podium.

Here's a couple of renders I grabbed from Amanat's site. I haven't found anything anywhere else, though the EJ article does have a simple hand drawing. Gibbs Gage had nothing about the project on theirs.

Arris 1.png

Arris 2.png


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There can't be much in the way of retail down in the East Village as it stands. So even if only the podium proceeds it will still be a boon for the neighbourhood. Still, it would be nice to see a taller tower like that east of the Bow.

I found Riocan's page for the mall:

There isn't much new there aside from the total square footage at 240,000sqft of mall space and an additional 100,000sqft for a Loblaws supermarket. Loblaws is the only confirmed tenant.

Embassy Bosa's website has a link the the Arris site which is just an information sign up right now and provides the vague assurance of "Coming 2016." I guess we shall see where this goes.
Haha, I knew I'd go and noob it all up at some point. I only looked for threads about Arris. That one has much nicer renders too.