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Sep 24, 2015
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Here are the details of that new proposal in the University District. 6 floors, 288 residential bldg. Retail at base with Save-on confirmed as a grocer. Construction to start soon.

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Wow what a way to kick off a new urban neighbourhood! :) Love it!
Nice! It's great to see a grocery store is going in. I bet they'll get some traffic from students living at the nearby student res buildings. I'm assuming the name will be changed?
^not bad and an urban format grocery store is great, something we need more of here. University District, Trinity Hills, and Greenwhich - 3 large mixed-use communities within close proximity underway on that side of the city. City planning has improved drastically over the past 5-10 yrs.
This is impressive. Reminiscent of the mixed-use neighbourhood at UBC :)
I'm really happy to see how quickly the University District is going up. Maybe I'll take a stroll over and see the progress during a chinook in February or something. Another walkable distance grocery store in the area will be great! :)