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Hopefully this moves forward. Despite the huge amount of traffic, I think 4th Ave has some potential. There is already a decent amount of residential with enough empty lots to add more. There is the Westin and The Westley hotels that add some vibrancy as well as The Keg, Ceilis, Pig & Duke, Owen's Landing and a bunch of smaller restaurants.
If this and the Plaza 54 location managed to get developed it would be a decent boost of residential to the CBD, particularly on the north end of it. Throw in First and Park, and residential on the lot south of the Shaw building, and maybe we get to the critical mass to kick start the NW part of the CBD.
Frankly i think if they are dipping into the incentive fund, then the newly created "interim" surface parking lot to the eastside of this development should have much greater public utility than a privately owned and operated parking lot. My two cents.
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$1M to pay for the +15 connection seems like an entirely reasonable subsidy to get a residential tower going in this area. Presumably the +15 connection will be open to the public so it is reasonable to consider it public infrastructure with a public benefit.