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  1. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary | 1216 8th Street | 85m | 25s | Great West Life | Zeidler

    Does anyone know anything about a 130 unit residential project somewhere on 8 St SW that GWL Realty is planning?
  2. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary | Kingsland Junction | 20m | 6s | Trico Homes | Alvin Reinhard Fritz

    Driving past this location I noticed construction is well underway now. Perhaps we should have project thread for this. The official project name is Kingsland Junction.
  3. JonnyCanuck

    The 'Trump Child'

    I just had to post this for some levity. This is no longer a political issue. This guy is downright 'scary'. The mayor of London has approved the flight of the ‘Trump Child” over top the city core, when Donald Trump visits the queen and the British parliament later this month. This giant...