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  1. Alex_YYC

    Calgary | The Theodore | 36m | 10s | Graywood | IBI Group

    Drilling is done at this site, and they are now excavating.
  2. Alex_YYC

    Calgary | Courtyard 33 | 21.64m | 6s | RNDSQR | 5468796 Architecture

    Good points @bgarneau Development in general is a tough go from the start. Trying to do a super cool project makes it even tougher. The renderings for this one look great, and a lot of people will expect a totally awesome project, but might get a very good project instead. That is still a...
  3. Alex_YYC

    Palliser One | ?m | 27s

    I don’t know if anyone other than the people operating the LEDs know if they’re burnt. LEDs in general have been known to fail early after installation, so it’s possible they are burnt out. I’m hoping it’s the programming that’s the issue , or the AC-DC converters that are the issue. Either...
  4. Alex_YYC

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    It could be done without a weir on the Bow but would need a weir of some sort at the downstream end of the canal.
  5. Alex_YYC

    Calgary | Stadium Shopping Centre Redevelopment | ?m | 14s | Western Securities

    I like the large staircase in the plaza. I hope it gets built.
  6. Alex_YYC

    What brought you to this site?

  7. Alex_YYC

    Calgary | The Sentinel | ?m | 28s | Arlington Street

    A rooftop patio there would be epic.
  8. Alex_YYC

    Place 10 | 121m | 35s | Centron | Gibbs Gage

    That is awesome news.
  9. Alex_YYC

    Calgary | Underwood Tower | 99.06m | 31s | Western Securities | Zeidler BKDI

    Bumping this thread to see if anyone has noticed if the market has opened?
  10. Alex_YYC

    Calgary | ALT Hotel University District | 49m | 15s | Groupe Germain

    I passed by today, but didn't see anyone on site.
  11. Alex_YYC

    Steps Bridgeland | 18m | 6s | Centurion | Sturgess

    I thought things were going rather swimmingly. Since the start of Bridgeland Crossings Phase one, there has almost always been at least one project u/c.
  12. Alex_YYC

    Alvaro Bridgeland

    Fro what I've seen, they have a small crew there 4-5 guys total. It's going to be one of those slow but steady builds.
  13. Alex_YYC

    Place 10 | 121m | 35s | Centron | Gibbs Gage

    I saw that too and was going to post, but yo beat me to it. Yeah, would be nice to see this start again. Fingers crossed.
  14. Alex_YYC

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    I'm curious if anyone's been out to the New Horizon Mall recently? Back in March they were getting a large tenant and were 50% leased.
  15. Alex_YYC

    Closure of traffic on Crescent Road

    I like the idea of a promenade with some viewpoint areas. Viewpoint areas like the one in Parc Mt Royal with nice patio stones and a nice fence.
  16. Alex_YYC

    Calgary | The Theodore | 36m | 10s | Graywood | IBI Group

    They are demoing as we speak. Sorry no pic.
  17. Alex_YYC

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    I used to live in Canyon Meadows on a lot backing onto the CP tracks and LRT. To be honest, I never noticed the trains after about the first two weeks.