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  1. Platopos

    Calgary Buildings Lost to History

    Hey guys, recently I've taken a lot of effort in scouring the web to find any and all beautiful historic buildings from Calgary that have unfortunately bit the dust. I especially focused on buildings with classical architecture/design to create a list of said buildings If any of you guys have...
  2. Platopos

    List of Calgary's Largest Indoor Malls

    Hey guys, recently I created a list of the largest indoor malls(malls which have hallways connecting them) and I was wondering if anyone would like to correct/fact check/add information onto this list. It's also a good way to discover all the potential places you can do Christmas shopping that...
  3. Platopos

    Terrible Redevelopments and Renovations of Calgary™

    Hey guys, so recently I visited Calgary, went to the Chinook Center food court and got to see what I assumed to be a pretty damn soul murdering renovation. Any and all creativity, variety or decoration is gone including, but not limited to the planes hanging from the ceiling, the carousel and...