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  1. BKha

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    The angle of Calgary's skyline IMO.
  2. BKha

    Calgary | PLATFORM | ?m | 6s | CMLC | Kasian

    Sexy girl in the white dress gets around!
  3. BKha

    General Photos of Calgary

    What a fantastic shot Acey.
  4. BKha

    Calgary | Harrison | 20m | 5s | Sarina Homes

    It seems like it, and wish Sarina owned property on other busy streets. I'm happy they're doing these small multi-family developments as opposed to the duplexes other developers are doing.
  5. BKha

    Calgary | ALT Hotel University District | 49m | 15s | Groupe Germain

    Has this one stalled out? I went past it yesterday and nothing's changed since the last update.
  6. BKha

    Calgary | General Block | 6.71m | 2s | RNDSQR | FAAS Architecture

    That's going to be such a great addition to the neighborhood.
  7. BKha

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Solid design. Nothing remarkable, but the brick is nice. The best thing about it is those cool trees in the courtyard.
  8. BKha

    Calgary | Eau Claire West | 109m | 33s | QuadReal | NORR

    It would be a nice density boost for the area, and would be great to see that huge empty lot built, but the project is probably shelved until things pick up, and by the time things pick up and it ever gets developed the design will probably change. One of the things I like about this design is...
  9. BKha

    Is Calgary moving toward the extinction of single-family homes?

    Not a bad idea. It's probably more fair than the market value method used today, and I could see it encouraging density. The issue I see is it's too complicated for the average Joe, and the instant raise in taxes for the SFH owners would cost you your political position.
  10. BKha

    Calgary | Park Central | 110m | 35s | Hines | S.C.B.

    I'm with you on that. I would like to see more developments like this in Calgary.
  11. BKha

    Calgary | The Victoria on 5th | 19.81m | 6s | Hive Developments | Casola Koppe

    Interesting they using piles and wood slats shoring like Courtyard 33. Is that method making a comeback?
  12. BKha

    Calgary | The Block on 4th | 17m | 5s | Indevelopments | Indevelopments

    I know people hate this one, but tbh, I'm looking forward to that lot being filled in and some extra color added to 4th street.
  13. BKha

    Calgary | Park Central | 110m | 35s | Hines | S.C.B.

    I'm really liking Park Central so far. It's a great addition to that area.
  14. BKha

    Night Scapes

  15. BKha

    Calgary | Parkside | ?m | 18s | Anthem | IBI Group

    Being of Chinese/Vietnamese descent myself I don't actually find it racist they left Chinatown out of their marketing or didn't include it more. I haven't had to deal with much racism here in Canada, but I have had some experiences of it, a few racial slurs over the years, nothing grave, but...
  16. BKha

    Calgary | Montgomery Square | 16m | 4s | Eagle Crest | FAAS Architecture

    I don't mind the crappy little strip mall for the businesses it has, and that it's mixed use, but the in-front parking lot is bush league.
  17. BKha

    Calgary | Oxford Tower | 262m | 62s | Oxford Properties

    I agree. I don't know if we'll ever seen another large office only tower get built. Any taller buildings going forward will likely be mixed use. It actually makes lots of sense.