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  1. John Wick

    Calgary | Annex | 30m | 9s | Minto Group | Nyhoff Architecture

    Crane going today as we speak.
  2. John Wick

    Calgary | Annex | 30m | 9s | Minto Group | Nyhoff Architecture

    There is concrete poured around the crane base now. Although excavation still isn’t complete. Any idea when the crane might be coming in?
  3. John Wick

    Calgary | Place 10 | 121m | 35s | Centron | Gibbs Gage

    Would this revised (now residential) project still have the +15 connecting it to the CBD? I don’t think any other residential towers connect.
  4. John Wick

    General Construction Updates

    It looks as though the vacant lot just west of the Avatamsaka Monastery has some activity. Are they adding surface parking or landscaping it? Anything would be better than it is now
  5. John Wick

    Calgary | M2 Block | ?m | 4s | XYC | nArchitects

    A Cactus Club is great. I’d personally prefer an Earl’s. Either way it’ll be consistently active. Better than an interesting independent rest which struggles to generate clientele, is shuttered in six months, etc. Any word on the rest of the retail/rest/office space?
  6. John Wick

    Calgary | Forum 17 | 24m | 8s | Landstar

    Where is this going? The only cleared site across from SAIT is the one next to Carl’s Jr, no? I’m having trouble placing this.
  7. John Wick

    General Construction Updates

    It is a bit curious that it’s literally two doors down from a liquor store. But the idea that this will increase public drunkenness is silly.
  8. John Wick

    General Construction Updates

    I think the 14th project is actually for homeless rather than affordable housing. I’m sure someone more knowledgeable than me will clarify. Build that near a lot of rich single family homes and NIMBY opposition is inevitable regardless how small it may be.
  9. John Wick

    General Construction Updates

    I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned yet, but the small city parking lot on 14st NW (south of the car wash) has been closed and torn up. This is to make way for a 4-5 storey affordable housing project. It looks like a pretty forgettable building but better than a parking lot I guess. I really...
  10. John Wick

    The Hat @ 7th Ave | 42.4m | 12s | Cidex | NORR

    Tough to be concerned much with materials on this. It’s absolute urban filler. Modest height, mid block, and will be all but invisible as the empty lot on the west side gets developed (eventually) But, they desperately need to slap a mural or even some bold colouring on that west side. That’s a...
  11. John Wick

    Calgary | Annex | 30m | 9s | Minto Group | Nyhoff Architecture

    Really unfortunate that they chose to cut down all the mature trees in front of this project. Aside from the charm and shade, they would’ve been a nice privacy buffer given its closeness to the train station. I really hope that there was a good reason behind this decision. The spindly...
  12. John Wick

    Calgary | 5Th & Macleod | ?m | 50s | Great Gulf | Henriquez Partners

    Thanks Colin. That’s right. The former Cecil site. (How quickly we forget) CMLC being in charge of the site bodes well for GG in mitigating any impact from the DI. God only knows what the timelines will be for these projects though.
  13. John Wick

    Calgary | 5Th & Macleod | ?m | 50s | Great Gulf | Henriquez Partners

    Who owns/what is the plan for the half block west of the DI? Seems like the development of this site would render this issue for GG moot.
  14. John Wick

    General Construction Updates

    This looks like a great sports facility and I’m sure it’ll see lots of use, but Jeez! Would it kill ya to use a little bit of colour!? Even the basketball court is grey!
  15. John Wick

    Calgary | 5Th & Macleod | ?m | 50s | Great Gulf | Henriquez Partners

    This looks amazing! But aren’t there shadowing issues on this site precluding 50stories?
  16. John Wick

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    I’m not quite sure why people here are complaining about this project as it relates to the Saddledome. The new arena is presumably to be located near the bus barns. A lot (most?) of the flames crowds will be serviced by City Hall station instead of VP. I have no problem even if this does slow...
  17. John Wick

    Calgary | Eisenberg | ?m | 3s | NORR

    Isn’t 9A street supposed to be transformed into a woonerf as part of the Bow to Bluff project. This is a great location! Especially for a non car household. I’ll be very curious what gets proposed
  18. John Wick

    Calgary | Green Line LRT | ?m | ?s | Calgary Transit

    I just found out that Ric McIver is the new cabinet minister for Trans & Infrastructure. I seem to recall him being a proponent of the Green Line when he was on council. But the he was in cabinet for the SWRR. Does this appointment bode well for getting additional Green Line funding? Or am I...
  19. John Wick

    Calgary | BMO Centre Expansion | ?m | ?s | CMLC

    A while ago someone on here stated that several hotel projects were ready to go following BMO expansion. Is there anything more to this?
  20. John Wick

    Calgary | Plaza 54 | 187m | 54s | Killam REIT | Gibbs Gage

    Yes! That +15 over 6st is very out of place and serves little service. Get rid of it.