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    Calgary Bike Lanes and Bike Paths

    Based on the latest City counts, bike volumes are very similar between 2 St and 11 St SW. Anecdotally as someone who uses both 2 St and 5 St regularly, 5 St south of 17 Ave has higher peak commuter bicycle traffic but 2 St is more...
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    General Construction Updates

    That's a self-storage facility I believe. Here's the report from when the land went to Calgary Planning Commission for re-zoning
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    Calgary Skylines

    Yep, I was just thinking about that spot too! Probably as good as it gets for a direct south view of downtown.
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    Calgary | Montgomery Square | 16m | 4s | Eagle Crest | FAAS Architecture

    Making good progress on the excavation
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    Calgary | BMO Centre Expansion | ?m | ?s | CMLC

    I believe part of the extra space is to relocate the BMO complex's data centre, which currently resides in a part of the building that is going to be demolished for the new expansion.
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    General Construction Updates

    I believe you're referring to the Inglewood Sanitary trunk project, which is apparently nearing completion.
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    Calgary | The Fifth | ?m | 5s | Arlington Street | NORR

    I might swing by and take a photo on my way home. This is worth a 311 ticket from a few of us to put the pressure on for a better solution.
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    101 – 11th Avenue SE | 120m | 37s | Oxford Properties | Zeidler

    I can't see this one going forward before there is some more certainty on the Green Line alignment and timing. It would be great to see this building integrated with the Centre Street station.
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    General Construction Updates

    Would it be this site? I heard that a new senior's/assisted living facility was being built in that area.
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Last time I was in the area (last weekend I think) the CP pathway underpass was open, just the 9 Ave bridge pathway underpass was closed. Has that changed now?
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    Calgary Bike Lanes and Bike Paths

    Looks like the remainder of the 12 Ave SW cycle track through Sunalta is going ahead next spring. Final design info session is on Dec. 11. It will be interesting to see how many cyclists from the NW decide to use this route into the Beltline instead of going...
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    Calgary's Mission neighborhood

    The stop signs were recently funded by a local community group. Here's an article from back in June after it was debated at Council.
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    Calgary's Mission neighborhood

    New bilingual stop signs are up in Mission (Rouleauville)
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    Calgary Bike Lanes and Bike Paths

    My main concern is the bike lane widths. BC's Active Transportation Design Guide calls for a "constrained limit" of 1.8m and an "absolute minimum width" of 1.5m for uni-directional protected lanes. Most of the proposed 2nd St. lanes are 1.25m width. They could've at least reduced the travel...
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    Calgary | Infill Development Discussion

    This came up at CPC yesterday. According to the Transportation rep the setback is for additional public realm space and not road widening. "Once the main street concept for Edmonton Trail is finalized, (the setback) is for implementing whatever the final vision for the main street is" It will...
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    It's almost all the way down now. Saw the final pieces being loaded onto a truck.
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    Calgary Bike Lanes and Bike Paths

    Some context on why these blocks weren't included in the 5 St. cycle track. Hopefully the city can still install something temporary until those parking lots get developed. <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">That one is made more complicated because the City sold the...
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    General Construction Updates

    Gateway condos finishing up in West District.