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  1. Col du Edworthy

    Calgary Bike Lanes and Bike Paths

    Groundbreaking was today on the Sunnyside flood barrier project. This project comes with pretty significant pathway improvements from Princess Island all the way to 14th St...
  2. Col du Edworthy

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    SE across 21st Ave NE from Lina's on Center Street
  3. Col du Edworthy

    Calgary Bike Lanes and Bike Paths

    I've used this a few times and my one glaring complaint is the ramps you have to use to access the path have a very high lip, high enough that if I hit them with any speed whatever is in my front basket bounces out. That coupled with having to go up them on a 45 degree angle could actually...
  4. Col du Edworthy

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Saw this in the Crescent Heights community newsletter, happy to see the facility being repurposed but dissappointed that it's now only for those with the $$$ (interesting seeing the Bow literally in the Bow river here)
  5. Col du Edworthy

    Infill Development Discussion

    FAAS has another one a block west on 20th Ave NW. Pretty awesome density on 20th Ave which is exactly what the street needs. Between these two they're replacing 5 houses with 44 units
  6. Col du Edworthy

    Infill Development Discussion

    New one on 20th Ave NE. Aside from the setback at the front I like it. Particularily like their bike storage and location right off of alley
  7. Col du Edworthy

    Edmonton Trail Mixed Use | 22.5m | 6s | Rick Balbi

    I like that little building, has character which this is lacking. But this is great to keep the momentum going for Edmonton Trail.
  8. Col du Edworthy

    Calgary Flames Official Thread

    After going to last nights game the past 3 games I've been to the Flames are 0-3 with a GF/GA of 3/15. And I still have one more game to endure in this years game pack. Will I get a game pack next year? Yes lol
  9. Col du Edworthy

    General Construction Updates

    Totally agree, I have no idea why they couldn't have opened that up this entire winter. They're even shovelling the snow on half it already.
  10. Col du Edworthy

    Calgary Flames Official Thread

    From listening the many talking heads and my own opinion Stars nailed this trade. Trying to convince myself that we got enough back, depending on which story I read it goes from maybe not to fair. We also will never know how much Tanev's 10 team no trade clause played into this and limiting the...
  11. Col du Edworthy

    Uxborough Phase 1 | 45m | 14s | Western Securities | Gibbs Gage

    One image but only for illustrative purposes. Interesting that the drilling rig was electric
  12. Col du Edworthy

    Calgary Flames Official Thread

    Apparently Big Z isn't meshing in the locker room...shocking that a player who got his agent to demand a trade stating he was the only good player and deserved more playing time is not meshing in the dressing room No thanks, the Canucks can keep him or give that headache to someone else.
  13. Col du Edworthy

    ALT Hotel University District | 48.77m | 15s | Groupe Germain

    Probably better suited for the restaurant thread but Una and Native Tongues are also opening up locations in University District
  14. Col du Edworthy

    Calgary Flames Official Thread

    Next two games will be a good indicator of the teams current potential
  15. Col du Edworthy

    Calgary Bike Lanes and Bike Paths

    One thing I've noticed with the advance pedestrian signals is that we have a such a habit of turning right on red (or left if a one-way) that as soon as there is a break in traffic (in this case the change in light from green to yellow / red) drivers waiting to turn start to creep into the...
  16. Col du Edworthy

    Calgary's Downtown Dilemma

    It was announced on Tuesday that CNRL is moving out of it's current 3 buildings (Home Oil Tower, Bankers East & West) and moving into the Shell and Devon towers starting the end of 2025 and through mid 2026. 2,800 employees total. They will be taking over the entire Shell tower and half of the...
  17. Col du Edworthy

    Calgary Flames Official Thread

    For the Flames to make the playoffs there is one spot left. I'm assuming the current top 3 in each division are locks and the Oilers are a lock which leaves one spot. There are 6 teams currently in contention for that which isn't great odds. I would absolutely like the Flames to make the...
  18. Col du Edworthy

    Calgary Flames Official Thread

    Since December 7th the top 3 NHL records are the Jets at 14-1-2, Canucks 12-2-2 and Oilers 12-3 Flames are 8-6-2 over that span. One positive of late is Huberdeaus improved play, he's looked good playing with Lindholm and Sharangovich
  19. Col du Edworthy

    Weather and Gardening Discussion

    To sum up how warm December was from Environment Canada's website our mean temp was above 0!
  20. Col du Edworthy

    Trail 19 | 22.25m | 6s | Eagle Crest | FAAS Architecture

    Having looked at this many times I only just noticed that the angle each of the balconies get progressively larger (or smaller if you see it left to right)