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  1. AJX

    Calgary Flames Official Thread

    I was very happy with Stanley cup result. I don’t care one iota that a Canadian team doesn’t have the cup. Outside of the Flames, Winnipeg or Ottawa are the only teams I would cheer for. I was happy to see it win by a team that’s never won it. With St. Louis, Washington and now Florida having a...
  2. AJX

    Park Central | 134m | 39s | Hines | S.C.B.

    The address has a big city, ritzy feel.
  3. AJX

    Leland Park | 18m | 5s | ICM Development | CTZN

    That’s par for the course. The usual reasons, parking traffic?
  4. AJX

    Water main break discussion

    My neighbour was power washing his deck today. Can there be a worse case of selfish water use?! I phoned 311 and reported him. Nobody wants to be a tattletale, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
  5. AJX

    Marsh Road Mixed Use | 20m | 6s | Jackson McCormick

    It’l be a nice addition to that area. It’s too bad that section of Edmonton trail has the ambience of a freeway.
  6. AJX

    Trees in Calgary

    An endowment trust fund is a good idea and it would work. There’s no downside except. that we wouldn’t see the benefits from it for another 30 or 40 years. If the city had created one like 50 years ago, we’d be planting a couple of thousand trees every year from the fund.
  7. AJX

    Calgary Transit

    Great news, though the article wording is a bit confusing. It talks about 8.7 million Ctrain boardings in March but mentions ‘transit’ had 25 million boardings for the quarter. I’m assuming the 25 million for the quarter is for ctrain? Does anyone know the numbers for all transit (busses and...
  8. AJX

    Calgary Transit

    Not only 24 minutes travel time, but 11 frequencies all day gives it as good or better service than many rail options. The max purple line is the only one that doesn’t run all day and has low frequency. The other three max lines run all day and have higher frequencies. There’s a very good...
  9. AJX

    Prairie Block | 13m | 2s | Indevelopments | Gravity Architecture

    With BMO as the tenant I expect this will start up construction again, it was probably halted due to the ongoing construction on 33rd
  10. AJX

    Mission Hill Landing | 20m | 5s | The Carlisle Group | Gravity Architecture

    Good thing it’s approved, it’s been u/c for a few months now :)
  11. AJX

    Rivers Edge | 20m | 6s | GBS | NORR

    Are those blue sections stucco or aluminum panels?
  12. AJX

    Flyover Block | 20m | 6s | RNDSQR | FAAS Architecture

    The sad part about this building and others in Calgary is the metal trim they are using looks like vinyl. There’s an old saying, “perception is reality”.
  13. AJX

    Calgary Event Centre | 36.85m | 11s | CSEC | HOK

    I don’t think there’s any question the stampede and the city for the main drivers behind Victoria Parks demise. Although I would say it’s hard to compare to places like Beltline, Sunalta, Lower Mount Royal, Mission or Bridgeland. Especially Bridgeland, lower Mount Royal, mission as those areas...
  14. AJX

    The Forge | 16.5m | 6s | Kanas | Gibbs Gage

    It’s turned out exactly like the renderings. once Kanas took over the project I was worried it might get VE’d but it’s exactly as the original plan.
  15. AJX

    The Hive | 27m | 9s | Jemm Properties | LOLA

    So far so good, the materials are looking better than I thought they would.
  16. AJX

    Magna | 21m | 6s | Jayman | Integra Architecture

    Downtown and Beltline are booming, but not the same way it is in university district, from an owner-occupant perspective. Most of the units being built in downtown are either purpose built rentals or condos targeted specifically to investors who are going to rent them out. The sites in...
  17. AJX

    CNIB | 86m | 27s | CNIB | S2

    I couldn’t care less if it was a cheap spandrel tower, their reasons for opposition aren’t valid in my opinion.
  18. AJX

    32 Street SW | 18m | 5s | Nay Developments | CTZN

    It’s good, old-fashioned average filler. I’m happy to see these developments go up near the Westbrook station even if it’s not right at the station, the extra density going up around it will eventually spur some major development at the station itself.
  19. AJX

    1732 Bankview | 17m | 4s | Nay Developments | CTZN

    26th ave is picking up in a good way. One thing I really like about 26th is it doesn’t tie into Crowchild. All the way from 37th St. to 14th it has great potential, if we could only get the bike lane extended all the way to 14th that be great.
  20. AJX

    Calgary International Airport

    Agreed. If YYC/Westjet can continue to funnel traffic from interior of BC and the prairies that can continue to build the hub. Cities from Kelowna to Winnipeg have been receiving large numbers of immigrants and that could be a good market for more overseas flights.