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    Calgary I Richmond Green I 19m I 6s I Sarina Homes I Casola Koppe

    To be fair, those are good for younger kids in little league. In May and June, at least in other neighbourhoods, basically every diamond is booked with something on weekdays from 5-8 PM.
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    15A Street Multiresidence | 16m | 5s | Eagle Crest | FAAS Architecture

    It looks like DP2023-06315 was approved. With the new DMAP, I'm not sure if it's still subject to appeal or not.
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    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    It seems to be missing dates for the public comment periods. On the old map, for example, Central Taps Marda Loop said the city would be accepting comments until August 1st. I can't find that in the new details page. Same with the Sentinel (Aug 1), Viscount Bennett site (Aug 8), etc. One thing...
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    Calgary Transit

    On our ring road? I don't think so. The stops would be so far from any kind of development.
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    Calgary Transit

    I think at this point, all newly built communities have the street design and density to support bus service, at least when considered in isolation. That's a big improvement from 20-60 years ago. However, we still have some communities like Silverado that are basically an island and pose a...
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    General Construction Updates

    Sounds like it will be an "office", but I'm not sure whether that means something fully private, or if it's something like a real estate lawyer that will have drop in clients. I love the original sign, but I could see it being confusing for people passing by.
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    1520 | 135m | 38s | Grosvenor | McKinley Burkart

    How tall was that old tower that was there? About 10 storeys?
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    Leland Park | 18m | 5s | ICM Development | CTZN

    I guess there was no appeal after all? Permit Pending Release This application was approved on June 03, 2024. No appeal was submitted. The permit will be released to the applicant when conditions of approval have been met.
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    Roads, Highways & Infrastructure

    I found this which seems to show (on page 24) future plans still using 22X, but as an alternative to and not a replacement of the current highway 1. It also shows the route to 22X not using the current 901 through Siksika, but instead bypassing the reserve.
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    Roads, Highways & Infrastructure

    I think it's more likely to move to highway 901/22X/south+west sections of Stoney Trail.
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    The Sentinel | 24m | 6s | Arlington Street | Jackson McCormick

    The DP appears to have been approved.
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    Urban Multi-Family Construction Count Tracker

    Lincoln doesn't even have a Development Permit applied for yet.
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    Enzo | 27m | 6s | Arlington Street | DAAS

    Isn't it only floors 2-6 that are set back? Edit: you probably mean a patio on the 2nd floor.
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    Leland Park | 18m | 5s | ICM Development | CTZN

    Pending appeal...
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    Francecso's | 48m | 16s | Arlington Street | DAAS

    Also this one
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    Place 800 | 68m | 17s | Peoplefirst

    That's a good point.
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    Village Block | 27m | 6s | Liberty Housing | Metafor

    DP was also (conditionally) approved: In Advertising The application was approved on June 21, 2024. After a development permit is approved, it will be advertised on The City of Calgary's public notice webpage . Any appeal of the decision must be submitted to the Subdivision and Development...
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    Calgary & Alberta Economy

    I missed that it was "esports" at first. Given the size of the site, that makes more sense than an actual arena