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  1. outoftheice

    Green Line LRT | ?m | ?s | Calgary Transit

    My guess is it's a rumour that conflates two issues where Council has likely been informed that Eau Claire to Shepard will cost $XX but that requires additional funding from provincial and federal governments that have shown zero interest in coming to the table so the plan B is that they could...
  2. outoftheice

    Green Line LRT | ?m | ?s | Calgary Transit

    A good review on how we got to where we. The unresolved question, of course, is where do we go from here?
  3. outoftheice

    JEMM 16th Ave | 100m | 30s | Jemm Properties

    I think the train is just more glamorous in terms of marketing a rental building. In practice, the busses on Centre St provide an incredible level of transit service but I don't think the average renter would be aware of that and trying to package that service into a marketing brochure is...
  4. outoftheice

    JEMM 16th Ave | 100m | 30s | Jemm Properties

    Can probably blame the Green Line for this change. Easier to build a tall tower with limited parking when you expect to have a train station at your doorstep within a few years. Harder to do when there is zero certainty when the train will arrive and it will probably be a decade away at least.
  5. outoftheice

    Green Line LRT | ?m | ?s | Calgary Transit

    I think we need to remember the three biggest obstacles to building Green Line in the first place% 1. There is a long distance that needs to be covered to get from downtown to the population in south east Calgary in order to actually reach a population that will generate ridership. Building to...
  6. outoftheice

    Green Line LRT | ?m | ?s | Calgary Transit

    How much is too much? I would say it becomes too much when the three orders of government no longer have the fiscal capacity to pay for it. The weakest part of that equation is the City of Calgary but that is only because we adopted a 33/33/33 cost sharing model for Green Line. There are other...
  7. outoftheice

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    I'll add to this that there isn't even a gateway sign to the park on the east side next to the CTrain station. I put a 311 in about it years ago but it never went anywhere. If you are not a local who already knows there is a park there, it's doubtful you will ever stumble across it. They should...
  8. outoftheice

    1520 | 135m | 38s | Grosvenor | McKinley Burkart

    Who is Vesta Properties? Anyone legit?
  9. outoftheice

    Green Line LRT | ?m | ?s | Calgary Transit

    In Ontario the provincial government took over building and operating of most new rail projects in all cities around Toronto under a provincial agency called Metrolinks (formerly GO Transit). The UCP wants to create a similar agency in Alberta to build and operate the new regional rail routes...
  10. outoftheice

    Green Line LRT | ?m | ?s | Calgary Transit

    Personally I think we have a good long term plan. What I like: - Tunneled in the Beltline - Beltline alignment pushed south to 11th Ave as opposed to 10th as originally envisioned. - Shallow tunnel downtown with easily accessible stations from street level as opposed to 10 story deep stations...
  11. outoftheice

    Green Line LRT | ?m | ?s | Calgary Transit

    I feel like all of these things can be true at the same time: - What we were promised in 2015 for $4.5 billion isn't close to what we are getting and that's a piss off. - There has been far too much delay and politics on what should be a straightforward transit project. - There is plenty of...
  12. outoftheice

    BMO Centre Expansion | 25m | 5s | CMLC

    Had a chance to walk through the new BMO as part of Sneak a Peak at Stampede tonight. I have to say, the upper levels are beautifully done and the outdoor plaza works well as a gathering place. The only thing I didn't understand was in the new A halls they have put the washrooms outside the...
  13. outoftheice

    Flyover Block | 20m | 6s | RNDSQR | FAAS Architecture

    Had they continued the white brick for the siding, this exoskeleton would look pretty cool. With the grey siding they chose the main feature continues to be the grey siding which makes the exoskeleton fairly pointless in my view
  14. outoftheice

    General Construction Updates

    Everyone's favourite plaza and Eau Claire all boarded up ready to face the wrecking ball....
  15. outoftheice

    Arts Commons | 18m | 4s | City of Calgary | KPMB

    Very exciting announcement. That being said, this hits one of my nerves about the way we approach naming things in Calgary. Our city has always done a very poor job at naming things in a way that will attract attention and draw the interest of tourists and other visitors. Studio Bell is...
  16. outoftheice

    Calgary International Airport

    Should make for some fun aircraft spotting at YYC next year!
  17. outoftheice

    General Construction Updates

    Can't remember the name of the project but drove past that new apartment building at the corner of Edmonton Trail and Memorial Drive this morning and they were starting to install that exterior mesh or whatever it can be described as. Not sure if I like it or not.but could look cool once it's...
  18. outoftheice

    4th Street Lofts | 115m | 29s | Western Securities | Gibbs Gage

    Nice pic of the project in this tweet. I have to say it's growing on me now that there's more white.