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    Aria Encore | 56m | 17s | Gracorp | Zeidler

    This one is tall
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    Calgary I Mainframe I 23m I 6s I MODA

    I never expected a mesh covered building to pop up. Instant comparable to Flyover Block. The mesh shutters is an interesting solution to accessibility and impeded views from covering a building in mesh while creating new ones like what happens if left open in high winds. The housing concept is...
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    Sunalta Heights | 88.39m | 27s | Housing One | S2 Architecture

    The same situation as tower 1. When they receive approval from the national housing strategy for a CMHC loan.
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    Bridgeland Place Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | Calgary Housing

    I've seen too much maximizing the lands potential in Canada. It almost always puts number of housing units above the people that will be living there. The surface parking lot is also large enough to add a couple high rises on a podium that could achieve that high population density desirability...
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    Crane Count

    Is the dam in Calgary?
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    Sunalta Heights | 88.39m | 27s | Housing One | S2 Architecture

    They could have done worst on the garage than missing street trees. It's a basic design. It's still one of the better above ground garages I've seen in Canada
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    Sovereign | 40.54m | 14s | Avi Urban | GEC

    The population isn't static either. There's more units and more parking spaces added every year. You can have more cars as well as the percentage of people reliant on cars decreasing. Toronto is a traffic clusterfuck because that idea is lost on the powers that be. 17th is an ideal candidate for...
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    River Club | 56m | 15s | Urban Capital | DIALOG

    It costs developers extra so why are they going to include it if it isn't in the code? All windows should be triple glazed too.
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    Sovereign | 40.54m | 14s | Avi Urban | GEC

    A on street streetcar will create more congestion. Stopping the flow of traffic for one person to board or disembark at every stop is not more efficient. The same goes for bike lanes. They have to be used at all hours and all weather conditions to be more efficient. A monorail or underground...
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    Lincoln | 120m | 37s | Truman | NORR

    Ground floor plan is hidden behind a black box for some reason. It's all retail.
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    1520 | 135m | 38s | Grosvenor | McKinley Burkart

    I think the average developer with tens of millions borrowed would be thrilled at 7% interest. They probably have loans in the 15% to 25% range.
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    1520 | 135m | 38s | Grosvenor | McKinley Burkart

    I wonder if the Grosvenor DP is still active. Could they start Grosvenor's mixed use residential plans this year while seeking changes for the office tower?
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    Oliver | 121.3m | 35s | Centron | Gibbs Gage

    The pedestrian level raises the bar. It's far from perfect (10/10). There must have been a better alternative than the mid block parking entrance/ receiving area. It breaks up the pedestrian focus in the worst spot.
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    Frontier | 30m | 8s | Truman | S2 Architecture

    This is exactly what I expect from Truman. Quality materials (SSG vs window wall) but strange choices like the white framed operational windows. The only thing that looks "lazy" are the vent covers. There's a lot of spandrel. It's a choice between spandrel glass, ACM, or Fibre Cement nowadays.
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    Hat @ 14th Street | 94.48m | 28s | Cidex Group | NORR

    It's just their brand. I don't think it's an acronym. It would have shown up in marketing. Whichever marketing guru came up with it probably was inspired by the look of their East Village tower's mechanical penthouse and a top hat completing the look of success in 1901.
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    1520 | 135m | 38s | Grosvenor | McKinley Burkart

    They are if it's the same Vesta out in Langley BC. They are nearing completion on Latimer Heights Langley's first high rises at 32 and 26 storeys.
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    Flyover Block | 20m | 6s | RNDSQR | FAAS Architecture

    The webwork ain't half bad on their own. It doesn't suit what is underneath. White and higher quality cladding would be a visual improvement however, the webwork clashes with the windows from every vantage. I think the grillwork would only look like an integrated architectural element than...
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    4th Street Lofts | 115m | 29s | Western Securities | Gibbs Gage

    If I remember correctly, that's Elaine attempting to entrap the owner of Monk's diner for hiring only large breasted women. The spectacular breasts Jerry never got to hold belonged to none other than actress Teri Hatcher
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    Park Central | 134m | 39s | Hines | S.C.B.

    Would be nicer if it was more pedestrian focused. This looks like a pick up/ drop off area for phase 2 and servicing for phase 1. The pedestrian entrance off 4th should have the grand entrance with this drop off area being a hole in the wall.
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    4th Street Lofts | 115m | 29s | Western Securities | Gibbs Gage

    The white grid (on this side) has a great form which makes the rest even more aggravating