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  1. Surrealplaces

    Statscan numbers

    A change from the usual for June housing starts. Montreal is the leader, while for the second straight month (and 4 of the last 6) Calgary is ahead of Vancouver. City SFH semi row apartment total Montreal 121 16 37 2788 2962 Toronto 324 10 334 2179 2847 Calgary 719 210...
  2. Surrealplaces

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Any idea what the reasoning was for the rejection?
  3. Surrealplaces

    General Construction Updates

  4. Surrealplaces

    General Construction Updates

    Eau Claire plaza still moving at a snails pace, but it looks like a whole new section of patio stones have been put down. I’ll stop by on the way home and see if I can get a closer picture.
  5. Surrealplaces

    SAIT Campus Centre | 24m | 5s | SAIT | GEC

    I didn't realize they were starting on this so quickly.
  6. Surrealplaces

    General Construction Updates

    Construction looming? For this project
  7. Surrealplaces

    Blume | 48m | 15s | Remington | Systemic Architecture

    As far as I can find it's 451 units (was 202, but I edited it) Also a quick tip. At the top of each thread there's usually a link to database page that has the number of units :)
  8. Surrealplaces

    Office Space Conversion

  9. Surrealplaces

    General Construction Updates

    some renders of the Black and White project. Nice little development of 11 units.
  10. Surrealplaces

    Crane Count

    So the crane count refuses to die, and will be up to 23 shortly. Could be back down to 21 if Springbank cranes are gone.
  11. Surrealplaces

    Hampton Inn by Hilton | 56.08m | 17s | Triple One | NORR

    707, Suncor and Nexen, were steel, as was EAP, but concrete core.
  12. Surrealplaces

    1520 | 135m | 38s | Grosvenor | McKinley Burkart

    It was 11 floors, but office floor heights, so maybe around 14-15 residential floors?
  13. Surrealplaces

    Canada Men's Soccer Team

    Back in 1986 World Cup, Canada only really made it because Mexico was hosting it and it allowed for an extra space for them to sneak in. I recall there were only a handful of players who actually played professionally full time. For some of the players soccer was a part-time job, I don’t...