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  1. BKha

    Calgary | Courtyard 33 | 22m | 6s | RNDSQR | 5468796 Architecture

    Excavation is going at a good pace. Who's the construction company?
  2. BKha

    Calgary | COCO | 15m | 4s | Sarina Homes

    The white looks nice and sharp.
  3. BKha

    Kingsland Junction | 19m | 6s | Trico | Alvin Reinhard Fritz

    MacLeod trail is a write off IMO. I don't think anything can be done with it. I'm with you on Elbow Drive, Fairmount, etc.. Best chance to have some decent corridors are those ones.
  4. BKha

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    5 years ago when I worked at Saltlik, Most of the restaurant patrons were suburbanites or tourists, but mostly suburbanites. I'm not saying Stephen Ave needs to cater to cars, but suburbanites contribute significantly to the after hours business at those restaurants. what's the harm in leaving...
  5. BKha

    Calgary | Arris - 5th and Third | 142m | 41s | Embassy Bosa | Amanat Architect

    Welcome Owlpost! This is excellent news.
  6. BKha

    Calgary | Cube | 26m | 7s | Strategic Group

    Too many twins and triplets in this city lol.
  7. BKha

    One Tower | 122m | 41s | Strategic Group

    Solid is exactly how I'd describe it. It's not great, but it's above average, especially the tower portion. It's pretty good.
  8. BKha

    New Arena/Entertainment District

    The feeling I'm getting from social media and talking to people etc.. is the debate over whether to support the arena is done, and people are accepting it's coming. Discussion is moving toward the design, or what concerts we'll be getting.
  9. BKha

    Harrison | 20m | 5s | Sarina Homes

    This development now has a new name: Harrison
  10. BKha

    Calgary 2019 Civic Census

    I think it'll be in the 15-20k range.
  11. BKha

    South Bank | 18.3m | 5s | Opus Corporation | Kasian

    I agree. There aren't many building buildings that look that nice on the back alley facing side.
  12. BKha

    5th & Macleod | ?m | 50s | Great Gulf | Henriquez Partners

    I don't think there are any plans for the Baker House (the bunker tower to the west). AFAIK, it's not going anywhere.
  13. BKha

    General Photos of Calgary

    Well done Urban Warrior, looks like you had a nice tour around the core. 👌
  14. BKha

    Calgary International Airport

    This would be more for the marketing people at Westjet, but maybe they should look at promoting skiing holidays and packages. Even though France has the Alps, I'm running across more and more Europeans who are coming here because it's actually cheaper. Skiing/accommodations and food are so much...
  15. BKha

    Calgary | Curtis Block | 118m | 36s | ONE Properties | Arquitectonica

    Wow, this moving along quickly.
  16. BKha

    5th & Macleod | ?m | 50s | Great Gulf | Henriquez Partners

    Being that GG owns both pieces of land and the rendering is from a larger architectural firm, I would say the intention is legitimate, whether it built or not, I dunno? I hope it does though, this is something truly different from anything Calgary has seen so far.
  17. BKha

    Calgary Skylines

    I would love to see the high res version of this ^^^ photo if there is one.
  18. BKha

    Calgary | 17 Select | ?m | 26s | PBA Land Development | Gibbs Gage

    Were there ever theatres at Mount Royal Village, where the London Drugs is at? or am I dreaming?
  19. BKha

    General Construction Updates

    Archer will be rental.
  20. BKha

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    They are probably going through the motions as it doesn’t cost them a lot of money to do this process. Once it’s approved, it will probably sit on the shelf forever, or they will try and sell the approved project to another developer.