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  1. Patrick.1980

    Who will be Alberta's largest metro in a decade?

    My prediction is the order of Canada’s top six cities today will remain in the same order 20 years from now with the gaps widening or lessoning, but keeping the same order. Toronto 9.0M Montreal 5.0M Vancouver 4.0M Calgary 2.6M Edmonton 2.1M Ottawa 1.9M
  2. Patrick.1980

    Arris - 5th and Third | 142.03m | 41s | Embassy Bosa | Amanat Architect

    I don’t know what rents are going for in the East tower, but I agree with you. If the price is right, people will rent units there. At least in a low vacancy market. With higher vacancy it might be more of an issue as people would have more options and would pay more to be in an area like west...
  3. Patrick.1980

    Connaught Mixed Use | 114.29m | 37s | Cressey | Chris Dikeakos

    This is one case where I prefer the empty lot to the existing buildings.
  4. Patrick.1980

    Lotus Condominiums | 58m | 18s | Knightsbridge

    Bummer I thought there some news on this. As far as anyone here in the forum knows, there has been no update unfortunately.
  5. Patrick.1980

    Argyle | 22m | 6s | Avi Urban | Gibbs Gage

    Going by the renderings, the front was a mix of brick, beige, paneling, and dark charcoal panelling. If they stick to that, I’ll be happy I don’t care about the other three sides.
  6. Patrick.1980

    Green Line LRT | ?m | ?s | Calgary Transit

    If the green line was to stop at Beddington then route 3 would be the most direct predecessor at least for NC to downtown. If I’m not mistaken there are more buses on route 3 than the 301. I think the green line to Beddington is fine. Like the NW line they can add extensions later. There’s a...
  7. Patrick.1980

    Bridgeland Mixed Use | 22m | 6s | Westrich Pacific | S2

    A huge improvement over the crummy strip mall and the gas station.
  8. Patrick.1980

    Killarney Multi-Res | 6s | 20m I Advent | Gravity Architecture

    How courtyard33 should have looked.
  9. Patrick.1980

    West Village Towers | 149.95m | 42s | Cidex Group | NORR Dubai Yahya Jan

    I’m happy to see the third tower go up. The other towers are already up, might as well add the extra density.
  10. Patrick.1980

    Shawnessy Station | 62.5m | 18s | Telsec I S2 Architecture

    If enough density is built up there, is there a chance the city could make some changes for the area?
  11. Patrick.1980

    University District | ?m | ?s | West Campus

    The ice cream shop is always busy, even on rainy days. Great addition for any neighborhood.
  12. Patrick.1980

    Calgary Event Centre | 36.85m | 11s | CSEC | HOK

    I agree the Stampede could make better use of their land, but my point was that Oktoberfest grounds aren’t an apples to apples comparison because outside of the 18 days of Oktoberfest are the 14 days of Christmas festival, it is a large empty parking lot with nothing happening at all. The...
  13. Patrick.1980

    Calgary Event Centre | 36.85m | 11s | CSEC | HOK

    Comparing Oktoberfest to the Stampede grounds is more of an apples to oranges comparison. Oktoberfest is made up of temporary structures and the fair ground is used only for Oktoberfest snd the Christmas market. With 350 million people within a day train trip it’s easy to get 6 million visitors.
  14. Patrick.1980

    Urban Multi-Family Construction Count Tracker

    Calgary grew by 49k last year. Agree about the 8000 units. It’s not going to be enough.
  15. Patrick.1980

    19+2 | 16m | 5s | FAAS Architecture

    Welcome to the forum Flaneur! I agree whole heartedly about 19th St. and the area. It’s a great place to hang out, although I disagree about the houses along 19th St. There aren’t many, particularly nice houses that would even be worth saving along 19th St., and the rest of the neighbourhood is...
  16. Patrick.1980

    The Kenten | 40m | 9s | Davignon Martin

    To be honest, I preferred the name Kensington gate.
  17. Patrick.1980

    Park Central | 134m | 39s | Hines | S.C.B.

    Ahh, the good old days when we used to have rain.
  18. Patrick.1980

    Meredith at Edmonton Trail | 14.63m | 4s | Gravity Architecture

    I would have preferred if they stuck to one colour for the aluminum panelling, but this is still far better than the hardie board easy trim jobs we’ve been seeing.
  19. Patrick.1980

    Crane Count

    The crane count is like a tough old boxer that refuses to go down lol.
  20. Patrick.1980

    Who will be Alberta's largest metro in a decade?

    Calgary will be the biggest metro 10 years from now. There’s little chance it won’t be. 20 years down the road, who knows anything can happen, but my feeling is that once Calgary adds Okotoks and foothills MD, etc the gap will be too big for Edmonton to catch up. If you had asked me this 10...