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  1. UrbanWarrior

    Weather and Gardening Discussion

    11 of the next 14 days (not including today) forecast at/above 25°!! What the hell is going on?! Haha
  2. UrbanWarrior

    Alberta Provincial Politics

    I don’t really agree that NDP would fair better with a new leader, even a Calgarian. The name recognition Notley has, her charisma and general likeability, and her record all are what got the NDP to government and the two subsequent strongest oppositions in Alberta history. With a new leader...
  3. UrbanWarrior

    Weather and Gardening Discussion

    Wowzers… 12 days at or above 25° in May, ending the month with an average high of 22.2° and a mean of 15°. Absolutely wild. Beautiful, but concerning haha…
  4. UrbanWarrior

    BMO Centre Expansion | 25m | 5s | CMLC

    Big 4, one of the most hideous buildings in the inner city. Needs to go.
  5. UrbanWarrior

    Sovereign | 40.54m | 14s | Avi Urban | GEC

    Sales centre going in? 🧐
  6. UrbanWarrior

    Sunalta Heights | 88.39m | 27s | Housing One | S2 Architecture

    I really like this one. Pretty basic but just enough to make it interesting and classy.
  7. UrbanWarrior

    Alberta Provincial Politics

    Ah fair. Probably 5 for Calgary and 4 for Edmonton then 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. UrbanWarrior

    Alberta Provincial Politics

    Wow 6 new ridings each? That would certainly flip the script.
  9. UrbanWarrior

    Alberta Provincial Politics

    I was thinking how hilarious it would be if a group of moderates organized and crossed the floor to the NDP 🤣 Would only take 6 of em to turn the tables. Poetic Justice for the turncoat Danielle Smith.
  10. UrbanWarrior

    Alberta Provincial Politics

    Wowzers! Yeah! I can’t believe how close some of the ridings are, especially in Calgary! NDP leading by 30 and 7 in Glenmore and Acadia, respectively. UCP holding Calgary North and Northwest by 113 and 149, respectively. A lottt of districts well under a thousand difference, including East...
  11. UrbanWarrior

    Alberta Provincial Politics

    Literally in the wackos speech she was basically like “oh yeah and fuck Ottawa and this entire federation!” 🤣 She actually showed some grace and what I thought might be an incling of intellect up until that point. Silly me. Honestly though, the result suuuucks but holy shit, the NDP taking 38...
  12. UrbanWarrior

    Calgary Skylines

    Mother of Mountains, Dominus of Downtown, Regina Chinook. I present you Aurora Nadia Diana Augustus Canadius Solarius. Emperor of the Canidian Empire. 😉
  13. UrbanWarrior

    Alberta Provincial Politics

    This one is a nail biter… but I’m losing hope. Looks like the NDP only has a shot in exactly 44-46 districts, and a comfortable lead in only 29. One to three losses means we lose. Bleh. Either way, heading out to vote because fuck neo-fascists! 🥳
  14. UrbanWarrior

    EV606 | 22m | 6s | Alston Properties | ATLRG

    Lot 73 closing next week. Construction imminent 🥳
  15. UrbanWarrior

    Weather and Gardening Discussion

    Never seen the mountains bare this early. Yikes.
  16. UrbanWarrior

    Alberta Provincial Politics

    Things are not looking up for the good guys 😣 Every opinion poll since the debate shows a UCP lead.
  17. UrbanWarrior

    Calgary International Airport

    Wow 16.3 million in the last 12 months is pretty good. What is our previous record? We might be looking at 18 million this year then.
  18. UrbanWarrior

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    That Chinatown development is already well underway.
  19. UrbanWarrior

    Weather and Gardening Discussion

    Looks like we’re going to break the May record for days at/above 20°. We’re currently at 15 days, record is 20. If the forecast comes to pass, we’ll be at 21. Edit: possibly even 22.