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  1. FriendlyDrunks

    Argyle | 22m | 6s | Avi Urban | Gibbs Gage

    There is enough underground parking, they definitely could.
  2. FriendlyDrunks

    Calgary Transit

    All the doors which were there previously are still there as far as I can tell.
  3. FriendlyDrunks

    Kensington Gate | 40m | 9s | Davignon Martin

    Aww I love a clocktower :P
  4. FriendlyDrunks

    Calgary Transit

    Looks like they're doing some refurbs at Brentwood Station.
  5. FriendlyDrunks

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Looks like they're getting started on the Eau Claire Place I conversion.
  6. FriendlyDrunks

    US Politics

    Indeed, seems Russia state media networks are offering him a job. Not even joking.
  7. FriendlyDrunks

    University District | ?m | ?s | West Campus

    I'll err on the side of optimism. The community has so much going for it that surely bike lanes will be added at some point...
  8. FriendlyDrunks

    Infill Development Discussion

    I suppose it was originally for storing transportation.
  9. FriendlyDrunks

    Calgary craft beer scene

    From what I understand from a couple people their breweries in Vancouver and Toronto are hemorrhaging money.
  10. FriendlyDrunks

    Calgary & Alberta Economy

    The whole province hasn't taken in that many in yet. Four weeks ago there were approximately 21,660 Ukrainian evacuees in Alberta.
  11. FriendlyDrunks

    Northland Village Redevelopment | 19m | 6s | DIALOG

    Yesterday afternoon.
  12. FriendlyDrunks

    Roads, Highways & Infrastructure

    I don't think many people use the Three Worlds Theory anymore. More a holdover from the Cold War.
  13. FriendlyDrunks

    Calgary Skylines

    Earlier Today
  14. FriendlyDrunks

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    It seems there have been tests with micro clover.
  15. FriendlyDrunks

    Calgary's Homeless

    Going to throw this in here as my wife brought it up last night when discussing these issues. It's the Great Rat Experiment! Apparently for years drug testing was done with solitary rats. Every single time the rats would choose the drugged food and eventually overdose. For years that was the...
  16. FriendlyDrunks

    Oliver | 121.3m | 35s | Centron | Gibbs Gage

    Earlier tonight:
  17. FriendlyDrunks

    Statscan numbers

    So a lot to unpack here but there are numerous reasons for an increase in housing prices, as compared to inflation. Beside the demand for housing increasing due to population we should also keep in mind the increasing wealth inequality. But it seems to me the largest reason we continue to see...
  18. FriendlyDrunks

    1900 Marda Loop | 23m | 6s | Sarina Homes

    I could be wrong, but it sounds like 1900 Marda Loop is back in play.