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  1. Surrealplaces

    Next large Multi-Family project to break ground?

    Here's the result of the poll from last November. First and Park had the most votes, and was indeed the first out of the list to break ground. 4th street lofts was second in the poll, and was also 2nd on the list. This next round is any large project over say... 50 units..
  2. Surrealplaces

    Calgary | Alexandria House | 28.04m | 9s | Statesman Group

    Currently under construction
  3. Surrealplaces

    Calgary is starting something exciting — and it's turning heads everywhere

    Kind of a rah, rah article, but it makes some good points. I think many of us have been seeing some of these signs for a while now.
  4. Surrealplaces

    Urban Multi-Family Construction Count Tracker

    Made a thread to keep track of the running count of multi-family projects (20 units or more, non-greenfield) To be updated every couple of months or so or whenever new projects start up or others are completed. Feb 4, 2022 Core development U/C Units in Beltline/DT/EV Oliver - 866 Sunalta...
  5. Surrealplaces

    Calgary | Bridgeland 515 | 20m | 6s | Kanas

    Something that flew under the radar, as I don't remember any discussion on this one. 36 unit, 6 storey build in Bridgeland at 515 4A ST NE. According to a pic from @Alex_YYC this one is u/c.
  6. Surrealplaces

    Belvedere Place | 20m | 6s | Northland | Pacific Coast Architecture

    Thread for Belvedere Place project which appears to be already u/c. Project located here
  7. Surrealplaces

    Calgary | Inglewood Brewery Lands | 60m | 20s | Matco Group | FAAS Architecture Multiple residential buildings ranging from 6 -20 storeys.
  8. Surrealplaces

    Canada Men's Soccer

    I don't know if anyone else has been following the Canada men's soccer team or not. For those who haven't, the team has been playing well in the qualifying round (actually sitting in 1st place) and has a good chance of making it to the 2022 World Cup. It would be the first time since 1986.
  9. Surrealplaces

    Calgary | Icon at Mission | 18m | 5s | The Carlisle Group | Gravity Architecture

    Thread for the new proposal at 63 Mission Road. DMAP info.
  10. Surrealplaces

    Calgary | Riverpark | 18m | 6s | M2SC | Casola Koppe

    Chinatown proposal for this location. 52 units with 2 CRUs.
  11. Surrealplaces

    Calgary | Lotus Condominiums | 58m | 18s | Knightsbridge

    More of a placeholder for discussion. No DP submitted yet, but a rendering of the proposal. 195 units in total, so some good density coming with it. Reminds me one of Knightbridge's other projects, N3. I don't mind the Asian accents on this, it doesn't look too fake or tacky, but rather more of...
  12. Surrealplaces

    Calgary | River Valley Condos | 14m | 4s | Genco | Max Tayefi Architect

    Condo development slated for the empty plot of land just south of the bottom of Nose Hill Drive. previous design
  13. Surrealplaces

    Calgary | Codetta | 13.41m | 4s | Eagle Crest | FAAS Architecture

    Word is, this may be starting soon.
  14. Surrealplaces

    Calgary | 211 25th Ave | 33m | 6s | Manu Chung

    Thread for new proposal at 25th Ave.
  15. Surrealplaces

    Calgary | Riley Park Village | 30m | 8s | Northwest Healthcare | Gibbs Gage

    Thread for Riley Park Village
  16. Surrealplaces

    Calgary pops the top on alcohol in parks pilot project
  17. Surrealplaces

    Calgary | Credo | 18m | 5s | Zeidler

    This for this project now that it's under construction.
  18. Surrealplaces

    JEMM 16th Ave | 100m | 30s | Jemm Properties

    Placeholder thread for this project. The title shows as 30 storey and 100m, but could be less. That's the max height they are looking for.