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  1. Cowtown

    Next highrise project to break ground?

    Just for kicks on a Friday. We know there will be another highrise project going up sometoime, it's just a matter of when, and which one will be the next?
  2. Cowtown

    Du Plex or not Du plex?

    That is the question :) There is has been some talk over whether duplexes are good or not. Personally, I think they're a good option for inner city housing, bit mainly on non-arterial residential streets. Corridor streets shouldn't have any duplexes IMO.
  3. Cowtown

    Calgary | 316 - 15th Ave SW | 19m | 6s | MoDA

    We should have a thread for this project.
  4. Cowtown

    Is Calgary moving toward the extinction of single-family homes?
  5. Cowtown

    Statscan 2017 numbers Total population growth by metro area, 2016-2017 Toronto: 122,090 Montreal: 48,515 Vancouver...
  6. Cowtown

    Calgary Recycling

    I decided to start a thread for Calgary's recycling system.
  7. Cowtown

    Calgary | Westman Village | ?m | ?s | Jayman BUILT

    Some pictures of Westman Village in Mahogany. Sorry for the poor quality.
  8. Cowtown

    Favourite highrise/skyscraper tower in Calgary?

    What's your favourite high-rise tower and why. I added a few of the popular towers. I added Brookfield Place and 707-5th even though they aren't finished yet.
  9. Cowtown

    General Photos of Calgary

    Untitled by colin austin, on Flickr
  10. Cowtown

    Calgary Bike Lanes and Bike Paths

    I figured this was good idea for a thread in this section. Bike paths and bike lanes are are rapidly evolving system in Calgary.