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    Calgary Skylines

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    General Photos of Calgary

    Don't think I've seen Calgary this green in a while! Fish Creek Park:
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    Calgary Skylines

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    Calgary | Stephen Avenue Quarter | 241m | 66s | Triovest | Gibbs Gage

    Don't know what to make of what I heard today as fact or just a rumor, but an employee at Suncor told me that they are looking to move within 5 years and this person indicated this project as a prospective new office. I guess they're not happy with how Brookfield is charging them or something...
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    Calgary | The Bridge | 52.42m | 16s | Jemm Properties | Zeidler

    Love the logo!
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    General Photos of Calgary

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    Calgary & Alberta Economy
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    Beltline Mural Project

    Another angle of it:
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    General Construction Updates
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    Calgary Bike Lanes and Bike Paths
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    Calgary | The Dorian | 98.45m | 27s | PBA Land Development | Gibbs Gage

    Love that corten on the East wall!