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  1. Beltline_B

    Calgary | West Village Towers | 150m | 41s | Cidex Group | NORR Dubai Yahya Jan

    Me too. The towers are fine, and I don’t even mind the crown, but that podium .. Given it was designed by NORR, out of Dubai I suppose the podium shouldn’t be a surprise, it’s the kind of thing you see a lot of in Dubai.
  2. Beltline_B

    Calgary | Dominion | 53m | 15s | Bucci Developments | Urban Agency

    Agree. This project is a great addition to Bridgeland. Even though Bridgeland is getting other hi rise developments, this project really elevated Bridgeland’s cachet, turning it into a nice urban, but somewhat sleepy neighbourhood into a heavy hitter.
  3. Beltline_B

    Calgary | 11th + 11th | 138m | 44s | Intergulf | Ramsay Worden

    London has the Shard, maybe we should call this one the X-Acto knife!
  4. Beltline_B

    Calgary | Park Central | 134m | 40s | Hines | S.C.B.

    Drillers we’re still in action, but must be close to finishing.
  5. Beltline_B

    General Construction Updates

    That’s what I’d like to I see also. 16th Ave is a write off, but maybe 20th Ave can be salvaged into something by having a few vibrant nodes at those intersections. Once those nodes solidify the whole avenue can start to evolve and probably quicker Gan some think. Given the amount of small...
  6. Beltline_B

    Calgary | Archer | 18m | 5s | Truman Development | S2 Architecture

    Whatever the cause is, I’m happy about it. There are a lot of smaller projects starting up lately.
  7. Beltline_B

    Crane Count

    And while were at it, we can add another one for Shawnessy Station.
  8. Beltline_B

    Calgary | Archer | 18m | 5s | Truman Development | S2 Architecture

    Many of us love construction pics more than we love our wives. Take as many as you can! :D
  9. Beltline_B

    Calgary | The Dorian | 98m | 27s | PBA Land Development | Gibbs Gage

    I like the slender look to this tower. Would be wicked if it had another 5-10 floors.
  10. Beltline_B

    Calgary | Courtyard 33 | 21.64m | 6s | RNDSQR | 5468796 Architecture

    A few adjustments and it could have been one of the coolest buildings in the city.
  11. Beltline_B

    Calgary & Alberta Economy

    Plenty of small but good news stories. They don’t seem like a huge deal at the time, but they add up.
  12. Beltline_B

    Calgary | Bowness 58 | 14m | 5s | Eagle Crest

    Excellent scale for its location. Nice to addition to Bowness.
  13. Beltline_B

    Calgary | Esquire | 13.41m | 4s | Truman Development | S2 Architecture

    Those wavey two tone patterns using paver stones are all the rage these days. Wince to see the variety, but I hope it doesn’t get overdone.
  14. Beltline_B

    Calgary Event Centre

    Here’s the article the rendering came from. It looks like it isn’t the final design but something of this general style. from the article The design concept has been updated from an inverted bowl with...
  15. Beltline_B

    Calgary Event Centre

    I’m really underwhelmed so far. I’ll wait for more renderings, but so far I’m like, really?
  16. Beltline_B


    Yep. With 75% of the population vaccinated with at least one dose, everything is opening again, and people are letting their guard down. Companies all starting to begin bring staff back into the office. Those who are unvaccinated will be at risk more than they were before.
  17. Beltline_B


    As we get more into summer, it's clear those who are unvaccinated are the people who are dying - around 99% of the deaths in the US are unvaccinated. These are American numbers, so might be different in Canada but I suspect the numbers won't be much different...