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  1. kora

    The Hat Elbow River | 178m | 56s | Cidex Group | NORR

    Yes. No one does it better than Miami where above ground parkades are the norm and they actually add to the quality of the building. Just think of it as a blank canvas and use your imagination. These buildings even win awards...
  2. kora

    Calgary Videos

    Calgary artist with a globally successful song. Skyline featured with most of our major buildings shown, if only suggestively
  3. kora

    Arts Commons | ?m | ?s | CMLC |

    They should really just take a lane out of 9th Avenue and convert that to sidewalk. It's not like 9th Avenue is a major roadway past Macleod Trail
  4. kora

    Calgary | TELUS Sky | 222.19m | 60s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    View from Fire HQ in Highfield Industrial