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  1. Nimbus

    Calgary | JEMM Sunnyside | 27m | 9s | Jemm Properties

    While not construction related a bunch of folks from the Calgary Metal Detecting club were on site yesterday doing their thing. Found a bunch of old coins (penny from 1919 for example), glass bottles, license plates, all sorts of really neat 100 year old history from Calgary.
  2. Nimbus

    General Construction Updates

    The Truman Homes site on Memorial in Sunnyside appears to have finally started excavation. A search of their website shows that it will be called Archer and be made up of 1-2 bedroom condos. Edit: Whoops, I see this was already all posted...
  3. Nimbus

    Calgary International Airport

    If memory serves the rehabilitation and upgrades to the west runway were planned to have happened right after the new parallel opened up, but I think with finances and the new terminal and such they got shelved.
  4. Nimbus

    General Construction Updates

    It's funny because it is so true.
  5. Nimbus

    Calgary Event Centre

    As long as the washrooms are built tough, sinks that withstand being stood in and such.
  6. Nimbus

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Interesting, since the original plan was to put the York back on top with some offices above it. At some point during the process did the supports necessary to accomplish even that get scrapped?
  7. Nimbus

    Calgary Civic Election 2021

    I think Damery is one to watch for, she could be the Nenshi of this election.
  8. Nimbus

    Calgary | The Theodore | 35.66m | 10s | Graywood | IBI Group

    ^^^^ That's a great node of density building up.
  9. Nimbus

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Vendome has also had a setup like this for a few years.
  10. Nimbus

    Calgary Civic Election 2021

    Former broadcaster Gary Bobrovitz is announcing his run for Ward 8 this morning.
  11. Nimbus

    Calgary | Kensington Mixed Use | ?m | 9s | Stonebriar | McKinley Burkart

    I thought Battistella had it for a while and sold it off?
  12. Nimbus

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Not a good look Shirley... 😬😬
  13. Nimbus

    Calgary | Brookfield Place | 246.88m | 56s | Brookfield Property | AFK

    Nice to see they did that. I always thought they could do the Red-White-Red for Canada Day, would be cool.
  14. Nimbus

    Calgary | 11th + 11th | 138m | 44s | Intergulf | Ramsay Worden

    Balcony LED light installation is underway, and obviously set at the highest brightness right now. I'd guess they will be lowered:
  15. Nimbus

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Good to see that Hillhurst project get the go ahead from council. 8th avenue there is a ghost town and a traffic increase would be hardly noticed.
  16. Nimbus

    Calgary | PLATFORM | 21m | 6s | CMLC | Kasian

    That Remington lot that is being paved into a parking lot used to house all the freight trailers that would come in for Stampede.
  17. Nimbus

    Crane Count

    Crane came down at Dominion in Bridgeland.
  18. Nimbus

    1st St Chinatown Tower Development | ?m | 28s | El Condor Lands | Perkins + Will

    Wong doesn't have a hope of winning in Ward 7. Zero name recognition outside of Chinatown (if even that really).
  19. Nimbus

    1st St Chinatown Tower Development | ?m | 28s | El Condor Lands | Perkins + Will

    LOL, the Chinatown CA is all for keeping it a parking lot until 2030.