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  1. UrbanWarrior

    Calgary | Park Point | 106.98m | 34s | Qualex-Landmark | IBI Group

    Nothing new. That piece of rolley equipment hasn’t even moved in a week 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. UrbanWarrior

    Calgary | Elva | 18m | 5s | Wexford Developments

    Still have no idea as to what it’ll look like when it all comes down….
  3. UrbanWarrior

    Calgary | BLVD Beltline | 118.87m | 37s | ONE Properties | Arquitectonica

    Yeah I thought so too, but I saw them pouring the soil last week and was pretty stoked. Definitely gonna be a dog park, only 2 blocks away from me! The other nearest fenced in ones are both 10 - 15 blocks (EV and Connaught)
  4. UrbanWarrior

    Calgary | First & Park | 75m | 18s | Graywood

    Some new renders of the project. No updates, just views not seen here before. So glad this one is UC!!
  5. UrbanWarrior

    Calgary | TELUS Sky | 222.19m | 60s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    been meaning to say, I’m pretty sure they have fixed all of the malfunctioning lights at least on the south face. They have really been pushing the display to the limit the last few days, really impressive.
  6. UrbanWarrior

    Calgary Skylines

    Thanks man. Here’s an even worse quality one from yesterday’s storm. But at least I caught the strike!!
  7. UrbanWarrior

    Calgary | The Dells | 48m | 15s | Remington Group | Systemic Architecture

    I see hanging… there’s even curtain wall hooks set up on the sections it’s been installed currently. I doubt the whole thing will be though, which worries me about mish-mashing the aesthetic
  8. UrbanWarrior

    Calgary | The Dells | 48m | 15s | Remington Group | Systemic Architecture

    This thing looks dope! Curtain wall on a rental residential project in the Calgary suburbs? Wtf. Move it downtown. Now!!
  9. UrbanWarrior

    General Construction Updates

    The “beach” section at Eau Claire Plaza coming together…
  10. UrbanWarrior

    Calgary | Dominion | 53m | 15s | Bucci Developments | Urban Agency

    Absolutely stunning. Also don’t worry, the space IS leased, it just says “for lease” on that side and “leased” on the other. Looks to be a Mexican place.
  11. UrbanWarrior

    Calgary | Era | 41.15m | 13s | Minto Group

    Moments ago…
  12. UrbanWarrior

    Beltline Mural Project

    DAIM’s mural on First and Tenth is now complete.