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    Era | 41m | 13s | Minto Group

    They have pretty much finished the International Hotel conversion now. They had plans for another apartment building on this site. ... and their first venture into single family construction is going to be in Belvedere...
  2. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary | Highland Park Redevelopment | ?m | 15s | Maple Projects Inc.

    So it looks like this project is dead & buried now. If Maple Projects can't unload the property (what other developer would see value in it?) or the city is forced to take it back and probably turn it into a permanent park; the site will stay vacant for an indefinite period of time.
  3. JonnyCanuck

    Underpass Revitalizations

    Meanwhile, even with some local artwork improvements, the Macleod Trail and 1 St SE underpasses are still pretty dingy.
  4. JonnyCanuck

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    The guy behind Matco Group is Ron Mathison. He is also the founder and chairman of CalFrac Well Services. CalFrac is in deep trouble right now and is probably where the focus has been with the management team.
  5. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary & Alberta Economy

    The governor of Michigan wants to pull the permit on Line 5. Now that Biden has declared his hand, what is to stop other state governments like Minnesota and Wisconsin from reconsidering Line 3. How did we (Canada) ever get ourselves into this mess? We are dependent on one customer for oil and...
  6. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary & Alberta Economy

    Well the rumour of Biden cancelling Keystone XL is true. It is one of 17 executive actions that will be announced shortly. Yesterday, Trudeau reiterated that he will take the subject up with Biden and reinforce the benefits of the pipeline to both countries and the downside of cancelling it at...
  7. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary & Alberta Economy

    I agree. After Trump's 'ceremonial signature' in January 2017, four years of wasted time and money on both sides of the border. If it was not for state courts, it could have been built in that time.
  8. JonnyCanuck

    JEMM Sunnyside | 27m | 9s | JEMM |

    Apparently this project is now called 'The Hive'.
  9. JonnyCanuck

    Calgary & Alberta Economy

    Yeah. I was a bit stunned that Kenney made that investment announcement only months before the U.S election. You would think he would wait for the outcome before doing anything. I read that in his congratulatory phone call to Biden, Trudeau mentioned there were a couple of issues he needed to...
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    Calgary | BMO Centre Expansion | ?m | ?s | CMLC

    I agree that acres of land currently used for parking is a gigantic waste of prime property. To be fair to the Stampede board, they have added some new facilities in addition to the BMO expansion. The Youth Campus, Performing Arts Studio, Art Academy together with Enmax Park has dramatically...
  11. JonnyCanuck

    US Politics

    Good suggestion. I have a feeling that 'civil unrest' will be a constant theme well beyond the election. The outcome of the election has only brought it to a head. There is every reason to believe that events over the next week may make the raid on the Capitol building look tame in comparison...
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    Calgary | BMO Centre Expansion | ?m | ?s | CMLC

    Someone suggested the Saddledome become a permanent place for rodeo events, training etc. The Calgary Stampede is already a destination for everyone in the industry (mostly North American participants). The grounds have stables and other useful buildings (i.e Nutrien). In addition to other...
  13. JonnyCanuck

    Office Space Conversion

    The work on this building is actually out for tender again.
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    US Politics

    And Trumps response to quell things .. 'The election was stolen from me but stop rioting and go home'. Real leadership on display.... said sarcastically. Yet 74 million voted for this guy, knowing what we know. He is either in complete denial or will not give up until he gets his way. That is...
  15. JonnyCanuck

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Hard to know what was motivating planners 50-60 years ago when the city was planning the downtown. The demand for office space was on the rise so decisions had to be made on what land was available to build on. Then transportation routes had to be integrated. Of course that was the height of the...