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  • Hey Mark,

    Yes I am! My work experience thus far is in Land Use Planning, with a bit of Project Management thrown in there, but my main interest is indeed in Transportation Planning. If you would be able to provide me with a few contacts or names of firms, that would be fantastic! My email is Thank you very much for your help.

    Hey gweed123, I noticed by your signature that you're looking for a planning job in the GTA. What sort of direction do you want to take? Eg. social/policy planning, development, transportation...? I gather from your posts you tend to be more tranportation oriented. I used to work for consulting firm in Vaughan, mainly private development stuff, but I am familiar with a few other firms that provide planning services. I have no idea if any are hiring (i live in Vancouver now), but I can provide the names of a few firms that you might not already know of, and at least be able to do some cold-calling.

    Mark J.
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