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  1. Bokimon

    Calgary | BMO Centre Expansion | ?m | ?s | CMLC

    Looks pretty good, about time it got released.. Should do wonders for my property values after the beating it has taken over the past recent times. The top flat portion of the roof could use some sort of sustainable treatment like green or PVC panels or some rainwater collection to make use of...
  2. Bokimon

    Calgary | Arris - 5th and Third | 142m | 41s | Embassy Bosa | Amanat Architect

    If Hines can pull off anything to the level of what is happening in Toronto at its Bayfront Quays, that part of the rift will be an epic place to be a part of. The Toronto projects in particular underway are designed by Arcquitectonica or 3XN out of Denmark. They too like Westbank have very good...
  3. Bokimon

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    I don't know if anybody has seen the renders yet for the new Farmers Market in Greenwich up by Bowfort Rd/Hwy1 area that is undergoing a major redevelopment. Infact I believe ground has broken to start construction of the new market set to be an anchor piece in that community. Designed by...
  4. Bokimon

    Calgary | The Dorian | 98m | 27s | PBA Land Development | Gibbs Gage

    May be caisson Piling as Mountain man said. I think that is the most robust of the shoring systems out there and especially good if maybe ground water is a big problem for that site, considering its within a 1km from the river. I remember Le Germain excavation being an absolute nightmare becuase...
  5. Bokimon

    Calgary | Park Central | 110m | 35s | Hines | S.C.B.

    ^ ahh great thanks. I have never heard of that firm before.. Will have to take a look at their website. Doesn't sound like it is local otherwise I would of known about it.
  6. Bokimon

    Calgary | Park Central | 110m | 35s | Hines | S.C.B.

    By the way, anybody (Surreal) Know who the architects are for this one?? Or what is S.C.B?
  7. Bokimon

    Calgary | Arris - 5th and Third | 142m | 41s | Embassy Bosa | Amanat Architect

    ^ It looks pretty nice, though I wish the spacings were a little tighter as you do see much of the backing cladding behind it still, but only a few were up on one side. These are quite long and I think they vary in length throughout that entire wall face.
  8. Bokimon

    Calgary | Arris - 5th and Third | 142m | 41s | Embassy Bosa | Amanat Architect

    Did anybody catch sight of the first few blades of that weathered steel cladding that is now going up on the North face?
  9. Bokimon

    Calgary | UPTEN | 121.91m | 37s | Strategic Group

    This is probably Strategic's best residential project to date. The glazing and quality is pretty good and very well chosen after a good deal of attention paid during the product and mockup reviews. I do wish it had more dynamic massing such as the way the old Skytower had looked way back when.
  10. Bokimon

    Palliser One | ?m | 27s

    I will add a little design tidbit when this was once the previous iteration that showed a curtainwall reclad option a few years ago. A few of you may have even seen it before as a rendering was floating around somewhere showing a similar blue shades color composition to the Palliser South in...
  11. Bokimon

    Calgary | BMO Centre Expansion | ?m | ?s | CMLC

    Populous will be the design lead with Stantec/S2 being more of the supporting technical and architect of record roles. It will also include site plan works too where one of the local offices will undertake.
  12. Bokimon

    Calgary | 5Th & Macleod | ?m | 50s | Great Gulf | Henriquez Partners

    Great Gulf has good taste for what a solid development should be and this one is no exception. I want to say they are maybe following along with what Westbank is doing. If past projects in other cities especially Toronto is of indication, I have high hopes this one will be a revitalizer once...
  13. Bokimon

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    actually I think I may be wrong on that one, that render is a rough conceptual design that came from one of the national firms. The full design of it will be to whoever actually ends up designing this in cahoots with a local firm.
  14. Bokimon

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    meh not impressed.. Looks like 4 rectangular blocks notched here and there and 'paint-bucketing' of monotonous and repetitive design of the glazing and balconies. Some massing accents and articulation of its main forms rather than varying balcony slabs would make this better. The fortress podium...
  15. Bokimon

    Calgary | Curtis Block | 119m | 37s | ONE Properties | Arquitectonica

    very fast indeed, the fact that they dug up the entire site in the middle of winter is a testament in itself. Even though Dec and Jan were fairly mild in comparison to other years weather wise. Can't wait to see it climb up, the podium alone will surely inject some good life into an area that...